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magine if you could master your emotions & have a positive influence over the emotions of others. How much more effective would you and your team be?

Since emotions drive behaviour, they may be harnessed to prevent or overcome workplace problems and deliver extraordinary results.

Emotional intelligence can help you stop gossip, reduce friction and energise people to be more productive and innovate willingly.

At the Emotional Intelligence Institute, we work with you to build and develop an emotionally intelligent team.
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Emotional Intelligence themed Keynote speeches for conferences, events and leading organisations. Unrivalled content, delivered with pizazz and passion.
A "standardised" test goes beyond self-assessment and provides an objective and measured view of Emotional Intelligence based on scientific principles.
Emotional Intelligence Workshops that equip you with practical skills - for employees & supervisors, plus Masterclasses for managers, directors and professionals.
Emotional Intelligence Coaching for directors, executives and professionals with rapid, proven and guaranteed results; face-to-face or via Skype.
Online Emotional Intelligence programs that give individuals and organisations instant access to Australasia's premier EI learning resources.
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