2. The EI Institute: What we offer

The Institute offers a range of services for individuals, teams and organisations, as well as for conferences, seminars and other events.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops and Masterclasses.

Workshops for employees, supervisors and managers. Masterclasses for managers, directors and professionals.

Workshops are just that and not lectures. You leave with skills that you can use, today.

  • Developed with the outcome in mind: equipping you with the practical skills that can make a real difference.
  • Created to meet your specific needs and context, unlike off-the-shelf programmes.
  • Unrivalled quality and breadth of content, experience and knowledge.
  • Flexible formats allow us to be responsive to interactions and feedback on the day.
  • We break down the barriers to learning and development through humour, warmth and being down-to-earth.

Face-to-Face or Skype EI Coaching

Coaching for directors, executives and professionals; face-to-face or Skype.

We have the insight and experience to spot and address the issues that can make an immediate and significant difference.

Whether you want to do better at job interviews, improve your presentations, understand your personality type, develop better stakeholder relationships or manage your emotions, you can. Rapid, proven and guaranteed results in as little as one session.

  • We blend lived experience with high level skills and expert theory.
  • No pre-determined method, tool or template; we use whatever is needed to draw the best out of you.
  • Your session is built around your unique context and content and draws upon multi-dimensional tools and techniques.

Keynotes for conferences, events and leading organisations.

We lift your conference to a level where everyone comes away exhilarated and informed, in equal parts.

  • Unrivalled content, delivered with pizzazz and passion.
  • We open people's eyes to the value and relevance of EI, by making it understandable and accessible.
  • A unique synthesis of lived experience, high level skills and expert theory.
  • The perfect way to kick-start a conference or the antidote to after-lunch snooze syndrome.
  • Interactive, humorous, engaging and delivered with energy. Your people leave energised, refreshed and motivated to change.

Products for self-development and team development.

Original and professionally created Australian products that give you the tools to make EI happen - for yourself, your team and your organisation.

Video, audio and e-books on DVD, CD, MP3 and PDF, printed books and an accreditation package for  leaders, managers, teams and individuals within public and private organisations. More ...

  • Awaken your innate EI and develop emotional resilience with our flagship video (DVD), audio and e-book programme. More ...
  • Learn how to get over your presentation fears, emotionally engage an audience and leave them wanting more. Our best selling ebook on being a brilliant MC, has been sold in over 55 countries. More ...
  • Reduce anxiety, anger and stress with easy-to-follow self-calming techniques in our audio programmes and books. Find greater peace, ease and relaxation, now, and even under pressure. More ...
  • Learn how to stay calm and clear-headed even when facing negative and difficult people, (essential for anyone in customer care), with our popular audio programme. More ...
  • Develop strategic networking skills: learn how to initiate interesting conversations, join and exit groups with ease, and be remembered. Never again be left on your own, fall into awkward silences or get stuck with one person. More ...
  • Contribute to the development of EI throughout your organisation by becoming accredited to conduct Genos EI 360 assessments. More ...

Online learning.


Online, self-paced courses featuring original and unique Australian content to help you develop your emotional intelligence and build an emotionally intelligent organisation.

Structured programs featuring video, audio, e-books and self-guided worksheets for individuals, teams, managers and leaders.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence in your own time and at your own pace, through a series of short, self-directed online learning modules in bite-sized chunks. Designed for busy people, the modules focus on imparting practical skills that you can apply as you learn, and can be accessed worldwide. The programmes will commence in 2014.

EI resources.

Learn the principles of EI and keep up to date with new developments with Australia's foremost collection of interactive EI resources.

Forums, blogs, articles, videos and social media by expert contributors for individuals, teams, managers and leaders.

  • A YouTube Channel dedicated to EI, that helps you build foundation, intermediate and advanced skills. Includes short, easily digestible and purpose-made videos that will get you thinking, build your EI and show you how to apply the principles in the workplace. More ...
  • Join our exclusive and authoritative Emotional Intelligence LinkedIn community to be a part of discussions with people from leading Australian organisations. Consult experts and get direct access to the latest research, practices and information. More ...
  • Separate the facts from the hype and misinformation through subscribing to our articles. Free and immediate access to hundreds of articles and case examples. Supplement your attendance at our classes and workshops in your own time, and at your own pace. More ...