5. The EI Institute: Faculty

  • Our head office is based in Perth, Western Australia and we have a global reach through our Skype coaching, online learning and live tele-classes and national and international workshops. One of our faculty is also based in Melbourne.
  • We are founded in a solid grounding of excellent Australian and world-wide research.
  • Members of our faculty, led by Director Rachel Green, have spent many years developing their own emotional intelligence.
  • Each has expertise in specific emotional management techniques and research areas, and a practical understanding of emotions in themselves, others and the workplace.
  • All are Australian, but most present world-wide.
  • All have been hand-picked by Rachel, not only for their profound expertise in their chosen areas, but also for their high levels of emotional intelligence, ethical behaviour, personal values and integrity. 
  • We have recently had a change in faculty to ensure that our Perth, WA, experts in emotional intelligence are the main group.
  • Faculty and consultants presently include:

Rachel Green: Director - Click here to read Rachel's profile.

Scroll down to read the following profiles:

  1. Steve Wells: Senior Faculty Member - Perth based, presents nationally and internationally. Australia's top presenter and coach on simple energy techniques (SET) and provocative energy techniques (PET).
  2. Professor Con Stough: Senior Faculty Member - Melbourne based - collaborates internationally for research. Australia's top researcher into emotional intelligence in children.
  3. Annika Rose: Faculty Member - Perth based - Wellbeing Scientist and modern mindfulness teacher.
  4. Mike Edwards: Consultant - Internationally based - a leading developer of online emotional intelligence resources.


Steve is a leading-edge researcher and innovative method developer in the emerging field of Energy Psychology. He is the Co-founder of Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and co-author of the book, "Enjoy Emotional Freedom". His latest book is, "100% Yes".

He received the 2000 Research Award from the field’s peak body, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) for his original ground-breaking research.

He is an internationally recognised psychologist, professional speaker, and peak performance expert ... who knows a lot about emotions.

He holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Curtin University and post-graduate qualifications in Education.

For 10 years he has presented on the psychology of success at Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship. 

In 2004 he was awarded the Professional Speaker of the Year Award by the WA Chapter of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Steve appears in several of The Emotional Intelligence Institute's videos on emotions, emotional management, emotional intelligence and Simple Energy Techniques, with Rachel, on our YouTube channel. Check these out here.

His special areas of interest

Steve's passion is helping people and groups to achieve their goals by helping them overcome mental-emotional barriers they don't even realise they've got. 

Steve says, "I love helping people become free of those blocks, come alive and thrive. Especially in groups. I love the energy that develops in a group when people come together for a common purpose, to help each other."  

I still have a sense of humour, due mainly to extensive training in Provocative Therapy. I love interrupting the expectation that change has to be long, difficult and painful with an alternative based on fun, lightness, and empowerment. I have 3 grown-up children and I'm still with my first wife, whom I love dearly.

Steve regularly teaches and consults worldwide with elite athletes and corporate personnel to improve their performance and enhance the performance of their teams. He also conducts personal development seminars and professional training workshops in Advanced EFT and Provocative Energy Techniques throughout Australia, USA and Europe.

He is also co-author, with Jo Wiese, of the children’s book on EFT, Rose and the Night Monsters.

Please contact us if you woudl like to have him speak at your function.

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Con is currently Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience, Centre for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Victoria.

He is a pioneer in the area of emotional intelligence, its definition, measurement, biology and application.

He has particular expertise in the area of emotional intelligence in schools and has led his research team in the development of emotional intelligence measures for primary school children (SUEIT-EY) and secondary school children (A-SUEIT).

He has also developed a range of interventions to develop emotional intelligence in school-aged children and is currently leading research programs on emotional intelligence in dozens of schools across Australia. 

He has over 150 publications in international journals, and many are on emotional intelligence in the workplace and in schools.

 This is only a brief summary of his other achievements:

  • His book "Assessing Emotional Intelligence: Theory, Research, and Applications" was published by Springer, New York in 2009, and is a recognised text in the area of emotional intelligence assessment.
  • He currently directs and leads a group of approximately 30 research staff and higher degree students.
  • He is the co-founder of the GENOS emotional intelligence test.
  • He previously had overall responsibility for one of the University’s Tier One research institutes, the Brain Sciences Institute.
  • He has recently been appointed as an expert member to the Psychology and Neuroscience Panel of the World Economic Forum, (WEF).
  • He was an establishment member for the advisory panel for the International Society for Intelligence Research.
  • He is the co-author of, "Emotional Intelligence: International Symposium on Research on Emotional Intelligence". Tertiary Press: Wantirna. 2006.
  • He is the only Australian appointed to the scientific advisory panel of the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR).
  • He is on the editorial board for Intelligence; Journal of Intelligence; Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment and several other journals.
  • He currently holds several NHMRC, government and industry grants.
  • He has attracted more than 15M in grants over the last 10 years.
  • He is also an international leader in the area of psychopharmacology, particularly in the area of human cognition, and natural drugs. He has conducted world first clinical trials on several novel natural substances such as bacopa and pine bark extract on cognition and brain functioning.
  • His latest book is, "Advances in Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals and Neurocognition". Taylor and Francis: Boca Raton USA. 2013.
  • Click here to read a fuller list of his publications.

If you would like to know more about Professor Con Stough's work and research on emotional intelligence in school-age children and teenagers, please visit his website:


  • B.Sc., University of Adelaide, (1985).
  • B.Sc., (Hons), University of Adelaide, (1986).
  • PhD., University of Adelaide, (1995).


  • American Psychological Association.
  • APA Division for Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse.
  • APA Division for Personality and Social Psychology.
  • New York Academy of Sciences.
  • Australian Psychological Society.
  • Society for Neurosciences.
  • Advancement for Psychological Science, (APS).
  • International Society for Intelligence, (ISIR).

Please contact us if you woudl like to have him speak at your function.

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Annika Rose is a well-being scientist and modern mindfulness teacher based in Perth but travelling nationally and internationally.

She has worked as a mental health professional in both the UK and Australia, coordinating care and empowering clients on their recovery journeys.

Special areas of interest

Her work focuses on increasing wellbeing and happiness in clients by bringing the latest science to life and using evidence-based digital offerings to spark positive transformation.

She is passionate about mind health and wants to redefine what it means to live well. Annika is serious about happiness.


  • Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Positive Psychology) from the University of East London (UEL). 2012-2013, Distinction.
  • BSc in Psychology with honours, from Cardiff University, 2003-2006.
  • Accredited Mindfulness Meditation teacher, 2013. Her teacher is Julian Daizan Skinner - the first Englishman to go to Japan and become a Roshi (Zen Master) in the rigorous Rinzai tradition of Zen.
  • Completed Google's Mindful Leadership Program "Search Inside Yourself", that teaches tools for focus, self-awareness and resilience, so people can create a better world for themselves and others. Sydney. March-April 2017.


  • Howells, A., Ivtzan, I. & Eiroa-Orosa, F. J. (2016). Putting the ‘app’ in Happiness: A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Smartphone-Based Mindfulness Intervention to Enhance Wellbeing. Journal of Happiness Studies, 17, 163-185.
  • Annika has contributed to and featured in many newspapers, magazines, websites, smartphone apps and policy papers on the topic of mental health happiness and wellbeing. She now writes monthly features for international women's mindfulness magazine In The Moment.


Annika's signature talks include:

  • Thrive: The science of positive psychology.
  • Calm: Living and working mindfully.
  • Strong: Resilience, growth and grit.
  • Thanks: Gratitude, Kindness and compassion.
  • Ambition: Living your potential.
  • "Feel Good, Keep Calm and Work well: How Happiness Works and Why Mindfulness Matters".

Annika has presented her work at international conferences in the USA, Europe and Australia including:

  • The Mental Health Services Annual Conference (Australia 2009, 2010).
  • 3rd IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology (USA, 2013).
  • 4th Australian Positive Psychology Conference (Australia, 2014).
  • 7th European Conference on Positive Psychology (Netherlands, 2014).
  • Educate Plus International Conference (Australia, 2016).
  • Western Australian Mental Health Conference (2016).
  • Positive Education Conference (Australia, 2017).

As a keynote speaker, Annika has presented at:

  • "In Your Head" Youth Mental Health Forum (2017).
  • Western Australia Tenancy Conference (2017).
  • Rotary District Conference (2018).

Annika authentically lives and breathes what she teaches and brings a dynamic, creative approach to her work. She loves to learn, share and be inspired. When she's not working in her studio, she can be found travelling with her husband, drinking tea or walking her Papoodle (Evie) along the beach.

Please contact us if you woudl like to have her speak at your function.

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Mike is our long-standing web services developer and brand manager. He and his team have designed the EI Institute website and brand and maintain it. He developed our and websites and brands too.

He keeps us in tip-top shape on all things technical, and the social media. Mike gives strategic input into our marketing plans and the development of our emotional intelligence resources, and advises us on our strategies for the dissemination of emotional intelligence information.

He is the Director of Screendreams WA Pty Ltd and sister companies Treble7 (eBusiness consultancy) and Primacian Pty Ltd (technology consultants).  You can find out more here.

One day we will get a decent photo out of him! His photo is no indication of his level of excellence which is outstanding.

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