7. The EI Institute: Admin & Development Team

Our expert team are all involved in bringing you top class emotional intelligence resources, master-classes and speeches.

A great deal more is involved in providing a brilliant speech, master-class or DVD on emotional intelligence than our presenters just scribbling a few notes, popping in their cars and walking into the venue a few minutes before they start. Notwithstanding that popular misconception, an enormous amount of work goes on behind the scenes in the production process in our office suite.

The key people involved in running and developing The Emotional Intelligence Institute and its resources:

Rachel Green

She's the boss! She has been in business for over 25 years and gets a big kick out of it still. She wants to write more but loves speaking too so is constantly finding a balance between the two. She tries to stay away from the office whenever possible!




Frances Yeoh

Fran is Rachel's executive assistant, our computer and website administrative officer, and our office manager. She keeps the website in good order and regularly sends out our social media updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter.

In addition she does lots of typing for Rachel, answers your e-mails and phone calls, and helps Rachel with whatever is needed. She is known for keeping calm and having a great sense of humour.

Outside of work her main interests have been in geneaology, other historical research and arts and crafts. She loves cats too.

Mike Edwards

Mike is our website developer and brand manager. He and his team have designed the EI Institute website and brand and maintain it. He developed the and websites and brands too.

He keeps us in tip-top shape on all things technical and gives strategic input into our marketing plans.

He is the Director of Screendreams WA Pty Ltd and sister companies Treble7 (eBusiness consultancy) and Primacian Pty Ltd (technology consultants).  You can find out more here.

Marlene Gerritsen

Marlene is our very, very part-time casual assistant and "stuffer". She prepares the brochure folders people get at our emotional intelligence master-classes and workshops. She also stands in when Fran is not available to make sure our clients get their tea and coffee!

Jenny Desabille

Jenny is our new, part-time casual assistant. She prepares the brochure folders people get at our emotional intelligence master-classes and workshops, puts your subscriptions for the Engage newsletter into our system, and generally helps out. She also stands in when Fran is not available to make sure our clients get their tea and coffee!

The Audio team

Mark and Lyndsey Whitehouse, and the team at ProCopy, who produce all our CDs and DVDs in their pro studios near Perth. They made Rachel's first ever tape set in 1995!

You can learn more here.




All things graphic, video and photography

Deb Wilkes

Deb has taken over as our new graphic designer (on the unexpected and unexplained disappearance of our previous one Greg Allen who worked with us for over 16 years). Deb has already produced a super set of new handouts for us on developing mindfulness, managing your emotions, how to generate positive emotions and how to develop an emotional self-care plan. People receive these in our emotional intelligence and emotional resilience workshops and presentations. Her buisness is called Little Design Farm.

Aldo Valastro

Our DVD cameraman. Aldo has recorded Rachel's speeches on several locations, filmed a range of her speeches on emotional intelligence, self-confidence and networking; and recorded and produced her three DVDs: "Business Networking" and "Emotional Resilience". He works with his editor Steve Hardy who has also done a great job.

Find out more about Aldo's work and skills here. He is also on Linkedin.


Gerald Ashcroft

Our youtube video maker. Gerald has recorded and produced all our youtube videos with both Steve and Rachel, and Mike and Rachel, covering many aspects of emotional intelligence and presentation anxiety. He is a whizz on editing! View his website on stories to be told.

He is also an artist and you can see Gerald's works here.


Christophe Canato

Christophe takes all of Rachel's photographs and charms her with his alluring French accent! He is an outstanding photographer.

Check out his website here and book him to take your photos.

The finance team

Mike Green

Mike is our long-standing and hardworking book-keeper who keeps our books in good order. We try to keep him happy by ticking all the boxes for him!

He has a brilliant eye for detail so he also does a significant amount of proof reading for us. He likes to write short stories and has twice come second in a short story writing competition.

He is ably assisted at tax time by Jackie Hunt, our new accountant.