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At the EI Institute, we help you build an emotionally intelligent organisation. The effects are rapid and company-wide, since we impart new skills that can be used immediately. The process is engaging, practical, down-to-earth and evidence-based.

Earn Money through our Affiliate Program

If you sell our products (e-books, audio-downloads) through our affiliate program we pay you money! There are a number of steps involved to do this ...

The products

The program currently applies to our top 3 eBooks and our top audio-downloads.

Different products will suit different affiliates, for example:

1. If you are a Master of Ceremony, a wedding planner, wedding supplier or bridal directory, an events organiser, a marriage celebrant, a professional speaker or speaking organisation such as Rostrum or Toastmasters, ... or the equivalent, or an online bookshop, then you may be successful selling our very popular MC ebook:

A Master of Ceremonies: A beginner's guide to being a Brilliant MC

This MC book has already sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

2. If you are a resume writer, recruitment organisation, a career counsellor, a job interviews coach, ... or the equivalent, or an online bookshop, then you may be successful selling our expert job interviews ebook:

Job interviews: How to sell yourself and help the panel pick you

This book has already been bought by one of our leading libraries.

3. If you have a list of people who are interested in personal development, self-growth, developing more emotional resilience or transforming their emotions and finding greater happiness, then you may be successful in selling our products on emotional resilience.

How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions

There is a full drop-down list for you to choose from when you enrol in our affiliate program.

As of 10th Jan 2018, if you sign up for the affiliate system, the products you may choose from are:

  1. Job interviews E-book - 40%
  2. Job interviews coaching - single session - 10%
  3. Emotional resilience E-book  - 40%
  4. Emotional resilience audio-downloads - 40%
  5. Master of ceremonies E-book - 40%


The process

You are provided with a link which directs people to the products in our online store or online learning centre. You do not handle the money, provide receipts, take bookings or have hard copy products in a face-to-face shop. We handle all sales. 

You need to be able to sell the products through one or more of the following methods:

  1. A website with an online shop or resources section where you can include a picture of the product and the description of it along with a unique and simple link code which tracks your unique sales.
  2. A regular ezine or blog in which you sell or promote products by providing a relevant affiliate link and product details.
  3. Social media pages in which you can direct people to products by providing the relevant affiliate link and product details.
  4. Regular tweets in which you promote and direct people to products by providing the relevant affiliate link and product details.

If you have the relevant contacts to sell our products to, please sign up. Please note we do restrict the number of affiliates to 10 for each product - so if you sign up and don't sell the product, your affiliate link will be discontinued as there will be others keen to take your place.

The results

  1. After joining, you will be provided with a simple link code for each product you wish to sell, to add to your website or send to readers. The code will direct traffic to the product on our website, and if the visit results in a sale of the product, you will be entitled to a commission of the total sale value. You only get a commission if people use the affiliate link to buy a product, not if you generally tell people about the products or website.
  2. The commission applies only to purchases via our on-site payment gateway.
  3. The amount you receive will vary according to the specific product and according to the cost of the product on the day people buy it. Sometimes we offer specials and discounts on products so this will affect your commission, although the percentage stays the same. 
  4. Typically, if a person visits with your affiliate link and it results in a sale of an eBook or audio-download you will be entitled to a 40% commission of the total sale value. Each item on the drop-down list when you enrol will show you the commission to be earnt.
  5. For example, if your affiliate link is used to buy an MC book for the RRP of $25 (US) you will earn $10 (US); if your affiliate link is used to buy a job interviews book for the RRP of $97 (AUD) you will earn $38.80 (AUD).
  6. The affiliate code contains a unique identifier to track any sales that result from your visitors.
  7. The program is administered through our payment gateway provider (ejunkie), to ensure that all sales are tracked and attributed to the correct affiliate. You can automatically be notified each time you make a sale, and so can we. This is a simple process and is completely automated.
  8. Commissions are paid within 8 weeks of the sale date.
  9. You will need to have a Paypal account to receive commissions or (if in Australia) provide us with your bank details to receive commissions via direct bank transfer.

Join our Affiliate Program and earn money

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