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Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute. Author of "How to build your emotional resilience and manage your emotions".

The types of emotional intelligence tests & EQ tests: 

Emotional intelligence tests and EQ tests exist in various formats. This article provides an overview of the types of emotional intelligence tests and EQ tests available, so you know the kind of information you'll gain from them, and which ones best suit your needs. 

Later articles describe these emotional intelligence tests in greater depth. 

1. Emotional Intelligence Tests: Self-observation

Self-observation can be an essential first step in testing your emotional intelligence and in understanding what your levels of emotional intelligence are.

There is a lot to observe about yourself, your emotions and how you relate to the emotions of others.

Self-awareness is a foundation skill in emotional intelligence.

2. Emotional Intelligence Tests: Behavioural interview questions

Behavioural interview questioning is a form of emotional intelligence test used during job interviews.

Behavioural interview questioning is not specific to emotional intelligence and has been around for many years.

However, specific questions are now being selected to assess your emotional intelligence.

You are asked a series of questions geared towards finding out how well you notice and manage your own and others' emotions and what reactions you have to them when faced with different workplace scenarios. 

3. Emotional Intelligence Tests: Surveys & self-report measures

Emotional intelligence tests that involve self-report measures are common. 

I have used two such emotional intelligence tests on myself: the Genos self-report measure, and the Six Seconds (SEI). There are many others you may come across.  

The results of emotional intelligence tests and EQ tests involving self-report measures must be interpreted with caution. They are very subjective and influenced by your own level of self-awareness.

Also, some of the surveys have little statistical backup and can be created quickly without a solid theoretical background. We have created some quick EI quizzes for this site that you can use. 

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4. Emotional Intelligence Tests: Ability measures

This form of emotional intelligence test is similar in make-up to some of the traditional IQ tests. You might, for instance, sit down at a computer and be given a series of tasks to complete which test your understanding of emotions, your knowledge of emotions and your ability to recognise and predict emotions in various situations. 

For example, you might be shown a photograph of a face and asked to name the emotion it is displaying and to rate the strength of that emotion. 

The most famous and throughly developed ability measure is the MSCEIT: The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test. It has been developed in the USA by the two pioneers of emotional intelligence, Professor Peter Salovey and Professor John (Jack) Mayer.   

As an emotional intelligence test, I wonder what real relationship there is between my ability to predict a theoretical emotional sequence or identify an emotion on a computer and my real life ability to take these factors into account in a real meeting.

I am accredited in the use of two Emotional Intelligence Tests, one of which is the MSCEIT. I personally find it easier to be emotionally aware with real people than static photographs, but that could just be me!

Assessment on the MSCEIT is also included in our 5 star emotional intelligence coaching package.

5. Emotional Intelligence Tests: EQ tests and trait assessments

EQ tests and Emotional Intelligence tests are essentially the same, whether you prefer to use the phrase EI test or EQ test is mainly a semantic preference. Both EI and EQ tests purport to measure emotional intelligence. 

The Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory - EQ-i, is one such EQ test.  

However, some EQ tests include areas of assessment that are outside the understanding of emotional intelligence as identified by Mayer and Salovey, and appear instead to measure a broad collection of skill sets in addition to emotional intelligence. Thus they may be referred to as a trait model. 

The work of Daniel Goleman and his associates at the Hay Group probably also fall into this category. They have an EQ test: the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, (ESCI). They also have another EQ test: The Emotional Competence Inventory, (ECI). 

6. Emotional Intelligence Tests: 360 degree multi-rater measures

360 degree emotional intelligence tests involve ratings of the behaviours you display which involve or are driven by emotions. 

The raters include yourself, and the people with whom you work. These people may include your direct reports, your peers, your cients or stakeholders, your suppliers, your senior people ... whomever is most relevant for you.

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory is a typical 360 degree emotional intelligence test. It is designed specifically for use in the workplace.

It covers six different dimensions of emotional intelligence. You gain a general percentile score of your overall emotional intelligence. You also gain separate scores for each of the six different dimensions. Australian norms are available for both leaders and employees.

NB: If you want a fuller account of the issues surrounding emotional intelligence tests these have been written about at length in the book: C. Stough, D. Saklofske & J. Parker (Eds), "Assessing emotional intelligence: Theory, research and applications". Publisher: Springer, New York, 2009. Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-387-88369-4.

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