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Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute. Accredited user of the MSCEIT - the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence-Test.

Can you have your emotional intelligence assessed? Yes. There are an increasing number of emotional intelligence assessments available.

However, I have found that some are far more relevant, useful and statistically sound than others. They also vary in the way that they assess your emotional intelligence and in the types of emotional skills they focus on.

The emotional intelligence assessments also differ because of the definition or model of emotional intelligence upon which they are based.

Some emotional intelligence assessments are quite general in nature, and are based on a broad ranging definition of emotional intelligence. Thus, they may include aspects of social behaviour, relationship management or personality traits, for instance, as well as measures of emotions.

Assessments such as these, in my opinion, give you a broad ranging examination of many facets of your behaviour and are not really specific to emotional intelligence, as it was originally defined and intended by Mayer and Salovey.

Others are more specific and focus upon emotions and emotional intelligence only.

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What to consider when choosing an emotional intelligence test

  • The first thing to do therefore, when considering emotional intelligence assessments and EQ tests, is to check out the author's definition of emotional intelligence.
  • The second thing to do is to look at the content of the tasks: do they appear to be assessing emotions and emotional knowledge, or something broader than that? Some I have evaluated have language that is not really about emotions at all.
  • Thirdly, determine whether the assessments have been empirically evaluated or not. Are there peer reviewed articles and research showing the reliability and validity of the results, and proving that they do actually assess emotional intelligence?
  • Finally be clear as to the type of information you require. 

Emotional intelligence tests vary in both style and content, so what are the different ways to test your emotional intelligence? Watch our video to find out.

Other emotional intelligence tests resources

If you want a fuller account of the issues surrounding emotional intelligence assessments, these have been written about at length in the book:

C. Stough, D. Saklofske & J. Parker (Eds), "Assessing emotional intelligence: Theory, research and applications". Publisher: Springer, New York, 2009. Hardcover ISBN 978-0-387-88369-4.

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