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Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute. Author of "How to build your emotional resilience and manage your emotions" and accredited user of the MSCEIT - the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence-Test.

There are many varieties of emotional intelligence tests and EQ tests. Some include computer based ability measures, others include self-report EI surveys and a third type is a 360 degree multi-rater EI assessment.

360 degree multi-rater assessments or 360 degree feedback instruments have been around for a number of years and are not specific to emotional intelligence. They are commonly used by HR departments to gain feedback on employees, management teams and leadership groups from the people with whom they work.

Thus, just because you are participating in a 360 degree multi-rater assessment doesn't mean you are having your emotional intelligence assessed. This has been an area of confusion amongst some of my clients. However, there are 360 degree multi-rater assessments which have been specifically devised to assess and gain feedback on your emotional intelligence.

Design of 360 degree emotional intelligence tests 

The 360 emotional intelligence tests involve yourself and other people rating the behaviours you display which involve or are driven by emotions. 

The raters include yourself, and the people with whom you work. Often this includes your senior people, peers and people who report to you.

Sometimes it may include ratings from other relevant people with whom you come into contact, such as customers, clients, suppliers or other interested stakeholders.

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Here are three examples of 360 degree emotional intelligence tests.

Daniel Goleman's Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI)

The Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ECI), which is based on the work of Daniel Goleman, is a 360-degree measure designed to assess the emotional and social competencies of individuals.

The ECI is based on the emotional competencies identified by Daniel Goleman in "Working with Emotional Intelligence", in 1998.

The ECI 360 measures 18 competencies grouped into four areas:

  • Self-Awareness,
  • Self-Management,
  • Social Awareness, and
  • Relationship Management.

As you can see this not only includes emotional intelligence but also other factors and behaviours.

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The Genos 360 Emotional Intelligence test

The Genos emotional intelligence test is a typical 360 degree emotional intelligence test. It was developed in Australia and is now used internationally.

It is based on the Genos emotional intelligence model which has six (originally seven) different emotional intelligence competencies. Ratings are gained for each of the seven competencies.

Approximately 12 people rate you, (it can be more), and you also rate yourself. The raters are usually selected from different categories, such as senior people, peers and direct reports. However, raters may also include suppliers or customers, for example, or whomever is relevant.

The raters give their answers anonymously online. 

It focuses on your emotionally driven behaviours in the workplace and finds out how consistently you use emotionally intelligent behaviours at work.  

Example 1: Is it only occasionally that you express your emotions clearly, safely and well or do you consistently express your emotions across the wide spectrum of activities that make up the workplace?

Example 2: How consistently do you read the emotions of people? Are you only aware of some people's emotions, such as the people who report to you, or are you also aware of the emotions of your peers and the senior people you meet and negotiate with? 

You obtain an overall emotional intelligence score and an emotional intelligence score for each of the Genos seven emotional intelligence competencies.


Emotional Intelligence tests: How to measure emotional intelligence & EQ? By EI coach Rachel Green

Reuven Bar-On's Emotional Quotient-360: EQ-360.

There are several other 360 multi-rater emotional intelligence tests. I don't intend to supply a full list. However the Emotional Quotient-360: EQ-360 by Reuven Bar-On and Rich Handley, is one of them.

The areas covered by the test are far reaching and include aspects of emotional intelligence or EQ and other aspects and behaviours, such as social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, impulse control, flexibility and reality testing.

  • Intrapersonal
  • Interpersonal
  • Stress Management
  • Adaptability
  • General Mood

Emotional intelligence tests: Are 360 multi-rater tests useful?

I have found the 360 emotional intelligence test results very useful and highly relevant in understanding the impact that a person's emotionally driven behaviour can have in the workplace. However, they are dependent upon people's perceptions of the person being rated rather than being a direct measure of skill and knowledge. They can also involve a lot of time, people and expense.

Emotional intelligence tests and EQ tests using this kind of 360 degree format can draw out important information that influences your ability to manage people effectively, progress your career, and influence others.

The visual display you receive on a Genos 360 emotional intelligence test illustrates how your emotional intelligence is viewed differently across different groups of people. This helps in identifying how you are perceived at work, where your skills of emotional intelligence may be holding you back, and how you may develop your emotional intelligence to be perceived in a better light.

The results are unique to you and can be illuminating. I have found, for example, that a person may rate themselves one way but their direct reports, peers or senior people may rate them differently.

It can uncover your blind spots - you don't see them but others do.

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