5. EI tests: Behavioural interview questions

Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute. Emotional intelligence coach and accredited user of the MSCEIT - the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence-Test, now used for recruitment purposes.

Behavioural interview questioning is a form of emotional intelligence assessment used during job interviews.

Behavioural interview questions are not new. Such questions have been used in staff selection for years.

You are asked to give specific examples of real situations in the workplace and say how you handled them. They may relate to conflict management, team work, communication skills, strategic planning or whatever is relevant to the essential selection criteria. 

Emotional intelligence tests: Behavioural interview questions

What is new is the focus of the examples requested. Questions may now be included which target your emotional intelligence, and your skills in reading emotions, reasoning with emotions and managing emotions.

You are asked a series of questions geared towards finding out how well you notice your own and others' emotions and what reactions you have to them when faced with different workplace scenarios. 

Specifically this form of emotional intelligence test requires you to verbally describe how well you emotionally handle yourself and others in difficult situations. 

Some workplaces also supplement their interviews with more formal emotional intelligence assessments, such as the MSCEIT. This is also included in our 5 star emotional intelligence coaching package.

Emotional Intelligence questions example 1: The team in conflict

If you are a team leader you might be asked to give an example of how you handled the emotions of a team in a conflict situation.

For example, it may not be sufficient only to explain the communication and team building steps you took in meeting with the team members. Instead, you may also need to explain specifically what emotions were present, why they were there, what you did to ease them, and how your strategies improved the emotional climate of the group for the future.

Yes, you would still need to explain the results you achieved, but it may be in terms of the emotional well-being of the group as well as their productivity, for example.

Emotional Intelligence questions example 2: An angry customer

If you are in customer service or sales you might be asked how you handled the emotions of a disgruntled customer.

This may include how, (or if), you calmed him/her down, what your own reaction was to being yelled at, how you managed your own emotions, and the results you gained. 

If you are involved in staff selection and recruitment, including this type of emotional intelligence test into your job selection processes may enhance the success of your staff recruitment.

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