Job interview skills coaching (Sky1)

Worried about an upcoming job interview and think that your nerves will get the better of you? Don't know how to sell yourself or convince the panel you are the best person for the position? Stumble over your answers to interview questions and feel awkward talking about yourself or go blank when put on the spot?

Worry no more. With our expert job interview coaching you will learn how to talk about your strengths, skills and experience in a way that will sound credible, convincing and confident. You will discover how to talk at the right level, explain your value to the organisation, and pick the best examples ... and do what so few do: ask the right questions at the end.

Maybe you've had an interview before but failed to be offered the position? Don't let this happen again.

Differentiate yourself from the other applicants and make it easy for the panel to pick you. Get that job!

Every Skype coaching session is individually tailored to you, your skills and the specific position you are applying for. Send us as much information as possible on the position, its description and essential criteria, plus your application, CV, resumé, feedback from previous interviews … in fact, anything relevant that you have.

These will be read in advance and the session designed around them. Then as you are coached and practise answering real interview questions, you will be given the techniques and tips that will be of most value to you. Rachel is practical and down-to-earth and will draw out of you your absolute best.

Most people only require a single session of two hours.

The coaching is relevant to people at all levels and particularly those applying for leadership positions, professional appointments, managerial positions, medical promotions and technical roles.

Rachel has an exceptional success rate of around 93%.

Job interviews can be much easier than you imagine with our unique and practical tips and techniques to help you. Maximise your interview opportunities now. Nail that promotion!

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Rachel describes how to talk about your strengths in an job interview. 

  • Overcome your job interview nerves.
  • Prepare properly for your job interview questions so that you won't go blank.
  • Convince the interview panel or job interviewer of your value and strengths.
  • Answer interview questions with confidence and conviction.
  • Avoid feeling intimidated or interrogated.
  • Know how much to say especially when you are re-applying for your own job.
  • Make a point and make it succinctly.
  • Include all your important information no matter what you are asked.
  • Differentiate yourself from the other applicants even if you don't know who they are.
  • Include the keywords they will be looking for.
  • Convince them that you DO meet the essential selection criteria.
  • Produce valid evidence of your skills and select the best examples to use.
  • Discuss all the desirable selection criteria in a credible way.
  • Explain your weaknesses in a way that still makes you sound desirable.
  • Manage a lack of or negative feedback from the interview panel.
  • Use the right language, at the right level, for this position.
  • Choose pertinent and impressive questions to ask your interview panel at the end.
  • Make it easy for the panel to pick you.
  • Be your absolute best.
  • Most people only require a single 2 hour session. Sessions of less than 2 hours are not available.
  • Sessions are usually centred on a specific job interview.
  • The session is very practical with rehearsals of job interview questions and answers. We build on what you say and make it better.
  • We identify your strengths and make sure you can describe them specifically.
  • You will receive immediate and valuable feedback on your answers.
  • You will gain world-class job interview tips that will help differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Once you have made an appointment please send us the details of the job you are applying for, including the essential and desirable selection criteria, your application, resumé & or CV, any feedback you have received on previous interviews ... and anything else that may be relevant.
  • After the session you will be sent a handout covering many of the main points raised.
  • While it can seem a lot of money at the time, in comparison to the increase in income associated with a promotion it can be very little.
  • This Skype coaching can be conducted with you wherever you are in Australia, or the world, providing you have a fast enough Internet connection and a camera, microphone and Skype on your computer. In Australia, this can include: Brisbane, Geraldton, Sydney, Melbourne, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Canberra or Darwin, for example.
  • If you don't have access to Skype, job interview skills coaching can also be conduced via a landline phone - client to call.
  • In Australia a 2 hour skype session is $500 + GST = $550.
  • Outside Australia a 2 hour session is $500.
  • Sessions are a minimum of two hours.

Face-to-face coaching is also available in Western Australia.

FREE: "Job Interviews" Ebook

Anyone attending a 1-1 coaching session receives a completely FREE copy of the dynamic and practical job interviews book, 120+ pages of top tips, techniques and knowledge on selling yourself at job interviews. RRP $97. Yours free when you book in and pay for a session.


Rachel Green

Rachel is an award-winning emotional intelligence and engagement specialist, job interviews coach and author - and the Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute. She is the author of seven books, 3 DVDs and 20 CDs and has tertiary level qualifications in psychology, speech pathology, adult education and the Feldenkrais Method.

In 2011 and 2012 Rachel was nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year award, and in 2010 was awarded the highest level of international accreditation in the professional speaking profession: Certified Speaking Professional, (CSP). She is soon to start writing her latest book on job interview skills.

She has over 12 years experience coaching people in job interview skills throughout Australia and has a success rate of around 93%. Yes, nearly everyone she coaches gets their job, even those who have previously failed their job interviews.

She is also very experienced in coaching people over the phone, and at one time was employed by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) to coach its radio presenters in regional areas via the phone, and this worked very well. She has exceptional abilities in observing subtle nuances in people's voices and speech.

She has provided job interview coaching to many eminent men and women from a diverse range of backgrounds. These include medical consultants, school principals, lawyers, university academics, Directors General, senior public servants, corporate executives, pilots, and even hopeful medical students. She has attended many job interviews and been successful, participated on interview panels and been a sole interviewer.


"I guarantee if I cannot help you improve your job interview skills in any way, in this Skype session, you will not be charged for it. Invest in your future now."

  • Rachel's availability is subject to how busy she is and whether she is travelling or not. However, when possible she tries to keep appointments available for job interview clients at short notice. Sometimes you will be able to book in with only 6-7 days notice; sometimes you'll need a minimum of three weeks notice.
  • She suggests you book in as soon as you have sent in your job application, if you expect an interview.
  • It is best that you have coaching at least 3 days prior to your interview.
  • Once a date and time has been confirmed all appointments are to be paid for within 48 hrs.
  • Payment to be made on the website bookings page with a credit card/via PayPal.
  • Once you have paid for your session please send us your Skype address and we will send you a Skype invitation to connect with us.
  • Please do not cancel or change appointments once made, if at all possible.
  • Sessions cancelled within 7 working days of the appointment still incur the full session fee.
  • Refunds will not be issued for no-shows and a second appointment will not be offered.

Book a Skype session and be your best in your job interview. E-mail us now and let us know when your job interview is, what kind of job you are applying for, and what days and times you are available. We will then suggest an appointment time to you.

Or if you'd rather, just pick up the 'phone and give us a call