Decision-making JI assessment & coaching (1 session)

You may have a lot of knowledge, a high IQ, a high emotional intelligence or a decisive personality. However, what do you actually do in the moment that a decision has to be made? Do you know if you are making the best decisions? Are you repeating the same mistakes?

Your success is influenced each day by the countless number of decisions that have to be made; from small everyday tactical decisions to the large global strategic decisions, good judgment is the key factor in your success or failure.

  • Can you be relied upon to make the best/right decision in the heat of the moment or when under pressure?
  • What kind of quick decisions do you make in an emergency?
  • How do you make those small everyday decisions that occur frequently throughout each day.
  • What informs your long-term decisions, personal decisions, work decisions and people decisions?
  • Do you include enough details and facts when making-decisions?
  • Are you making emotional decisions or emotionally intelligent decisions?
  • How do you approach difficult people and conflict?
  • How empathic are you in your decision-making?
  • How task and process driven are your decisions?
  • Do you under-value or over-value people when making decsions?
  • How strategic are your decisions?
  • What impact do your decisions have on yourself, your organisation and your work? 

These are all questions that form the foundation of the Judgment Index and this unique coaching session.

The Judgment Index (JI) is a relatively new assessment in Australia, but it has been used extensively in America. It is based on data collected over a 40 year period, and uses some of the most thorough statistical analysis possible. It is accurate, takes only 15-25 minutes on average to complete, and is done online. It is not a self-report measure, nor 360 feedback. Rather the assessment involves you in making a number of decisions, and analysis of these forms your JI profile. 

What type of decison-making feedback will you gain in this JI assessment and coaching session?

  • What you will gain is an assessment of the decisions you make in 30 different areas in your working and personal life. The JI identifies your areas of strength and weakness in these areas.
  • Specific feedback will be given to you on each one in a comprehensive report which may run for as many as 45 pages. Each aspect is explained thoroughly.
  • The results are explained to you by an accredited JI consultant, (Rachel Green), to make sure you get the most out of the results and can identify the patterns of behaviour which are most significnat for you.
  • Areas for development will be identified in the coaching session and strategies given to improve them.

The two stages and fees in the process 

The Judgment Index Administration, PLUS
A two hour coaching and interpretation session on the Judgment Index results.

1. The Judgment Index Administration

  • The Judgment Index (JI) is completed online on your own computer. It usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. 
  • The cost of the JI administration is AUD $360+GST = $396 worldwide.

2. A 2 hour coaching and interpretation session on the JI results.

  • On our premises in Kelmscott, Western Australia a 2hr coaching session is $600 + GST = $660.
  • Via Skype on ClickWebinar a 2hr coaching session is AUD $500 + GST = $550.
  • NB: There is an additional fee of $200 + GST = $220 if you require Rachel to travel to you within Perth.

Total investment:

  • The JI plus the 2hr face-to-face coaching session is: $960 + GST = $1056.
  • The JI plus the 2hr Skype coaching session is: $860 + GST = $946.

Please note if you book a coaching package, rather than this individual session, there are reduced rates for the session fees. Both our Five star emotional intelligence package, and our Smart Leadership Coaching package include the Judgment Index.


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