Smart Leadership Coaching Package (4 sessions)

This unique, practical, leadership coaching package will focus on your communication skills, people management, self-management and decision-making capability as a leader. It comprises a series of four personally tailored 1-1 coaching sessions with the Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute, Rachel Green, plus, two or three supporting assessments:

  1. The JI: An ability-based measure which assesses your decision-making, people skills and strategic focus.
  2. The MSCEIT: An ability-based emotional intelligence assessment. This measures how accurately you read, understand, predict, reason with and manage emotions as a leader.
  3. The MBTI 16 personality types. This identifies your personality and communication style, and the impact these have on your team building, leadership style and ability to communicate with and influence people.

The programme framework

NB: The specific content will revolve around your core needs, identified problem areas and your individual leadership role and context.

Prior to commencing the programme you will complete an online JI - Judgment Index assessment.

Session 1

  • A 2 hour coaching session based around the results of a Judgment Index (JI) assessment. This is a measure of your decision-making and judgment capabilities. It is not a self-report measure - you make a number of increasingly refined and difficult decisions and the way you do this and the factors you give most weight to are analysed. The results provide invaluable information, not only on your decision-making and judgements, but how these influence your ability to focus on work tasks, manage people, build trust as a leader, communicate effectively, handle difficult situations, and more.
  • All leadership involves daily decision-making, whether short-term everyday decisions or longer term more strategic ones. This assessment allows you to measure, build and strengthen your capacity to make good judgments both at work and at home.
  • Along with the analysis and input of an experienced JI trained consultant, (Rachel Green), you will also receive a very comprehensive report of your results (approx. 44 pages) plus two coloured charts of the overall scores to take away.

Real-life practice: You have the option to practise your skills between session 1 & 2 and to send Rachel video blogs of this so you can gain ongoing feedback from her.

Prior to commencing session two you will complete an online MSCEIT.

Session 2

  • A 2 hour coaching session based around the results of your Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence-Test. (MSCEIT.) This is the gold standard for ability-based measurement of your emotional intelligence, designed and developed by the pioneers of emotional intelligence and used throughout the world.
  • This measures how accurately you read other people, understand emotions, predict emotions, reason with emotions, and understand the impact of different emotional management strategies on yourself and others. All these skills are vital for leaders who want to influence others, be trusted and be considered credible.
  • Along with the analysis and input of an experienced MSCEIT trained consultant, (Rachel Green), you will receive a very comprehensive report of your results (approx. 35 pages) specifically tailored for leaders and the applications of these to your leadership role.

Real-life practice: You have the option to practise your skills between session 2 & 3 and to send Rachel video blogs of this so you can gain ongoing feedback from her.

Session 3 (MBTI Optional)

  • A 2 hour coaching session on communication based around the results of your Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and its communication style guidelines. This provides practical information of direct relevance to your interactions, the impact you have on others, and how to bridge your communication differences to better communicate with your people, whether on your Board, in your executive or amongst your employees, colleagues or stakeholders. Clarity is vital for leaders.
  • Your inferior function, which can erupt under severe stress, and the maturation model associated with your type will also be explained, so you can understand at a deeper level the influences upon your behaviour.
  • Even if you already know your MBTI type this session will be practically very helpful as few people understand their type in depth and that is where the real value of the model lies for leaders.
  • You will receive a comprehensive booklet of all 16 types to take away.
  • If you don't need the MBTI that is fine as the session will be tailred to what you need as a communicator. The focus can be on how to communicate clearly, how to get your point across, how to give feedback, how to ... whatever it is you most need.

NB: Rachel likes to know your type so she can tailor her coaching style to best suit your needs.

Real-life practice: You have the option to practise your skills between session 3 & 4 and to send Rachel video blogs of this so you can gain ongoing feedback from her.

Session 4

  • A final 2 hr coaching session to measure your progress and determine further refinements for the continued development of your emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills. You will be provided with relevant practical exercises, materials and techniques to assist and guide you.
  • A lot of material will have been covered in the previous 3 sessions because of the assessments, so this session will be an important opportunity to consolidate your learning and development in each of the areas and to integrate them into your leadership role.

Your coaching investment

Your choice of session fees: 


Usually a single face-to-face 2 hr coaching session in our offices in Kelmscott, Western Australia is: $660 (incs GST). For this smart leadership coaching package there is a reduced rate for the 4 sessions so that each one is $550 (incs GST) per session. 

Total for four discounted sessions: $2200 (incs GST).

(NB: There are additional fees of $200 + GST = $220 per session, if Rachel has to travel to you.)

Online via Skype or Clickwebinar

Our usual Skype or ClickWebinar online session fees are $500 + GST = $550 per 2 hr session. For this package there is a special rate of $480 + GST = $528 per session. 

Total for four discounted skype sessions: $2112 (incs GST).

Plus, three assessment fees

MSCEIT assessment: $180 + GST = $198. This needs to be paid in full before we can start it, and once started can't be refunded.

Judgment Index: $360 + GST = $396. This needs to be paid in full before we can start it, and once started can't be refunded. (Leadership profile can also be added for an extra $108.)

MBTI: Our usual fee is $77, for this package we provide it at a discount of $23 + GST = $25.30.

Total investment

Total package for 4 face-to-face sessions + MSCEIT + JI + MBTI = $2200 + $396 + $198 + $25.30= $2819.30.

Total package for 4 online sessions + MSCEIT + JI + MBTI = $2112 + $396 + $198 + $25.30  = $2731.30.

Payment options

  • Payment is required in one go for the whole package, in advance of the commencement date.
  • Assessments can't be started prior to the receipt of payment.
  • A tax invoice will be issued via PayPal and can be paid via PayPal, credit card or EFT.

Your Coach - Rachel Green

She is the Director of the Emotional Intelligence Institute, a people engagement specialist, and one of Australia's most dynamic expert speakers and sought-after coaches. She is also the Director of Job Interviews Australia and Master of Ceremonies Resources.

She has specialised in the emotional intelligence area for over 14 years and in communication skills and personality for over 25 years. She is an accredited user of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, (MSCEIT); an accredited user of the Judgment Index (JI); and an accredited user of the MBTI.

She has tertiary level qualifications in psychology, speech pathology, adult education and the Feldenkrais Method; has graduated from both her psychology and speech therapy qualifications with distinction; and has twice been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the year award. She was also an academic for ten years at Curtin University and a trainer for ABC TV and radio presenters. She has won two clear writing awards and been the first West Australian to receive the Elinor Wray Award for outstanding services to the Speech Pathology profession.

She is the author of eight books and 20 CDs, including the 2 DVD program, "How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions". Her most popular book, "How to be a brilliant master of ceremonies" has now sold in over 80 countries world-wide.

She has provided coaching and master-classes to many eminent organisations and top teams, including at St Barbara Ltd, Baker Hughes, Woodside, Alcoa, Coca Cola Amatil, BHP Billiton, Western Power, Freehills (now Herbert Smith Freehills), Muja Power Station, Horizon Power, Ernst and Young, RAC, St John Ambulance, MinterEllison, Landcorp, Shire of Mundaring, Public Sector Commission, Housing Authority, University of Western Australia, Fremantle Hospital, and more.

She has devoted her life to her own personal development and developed much wisdom along the way. She has had a regular meditation practice for over 30 years, served as a voluntary counsellor on a 24 hour crisis line, and been the co-ordinator of a weekly community group at Armadale hospital. In 2017, she also became the Chair of the Darling Range Branch of the WA Naturalists' Club.

She is no walkover and will give you tough love! This will be coupled with insightful observations, skill-based applications, and a lovely sense of humour.

Emotional intelligence coaching testimonials:

John Wunhym

Foremer K&T & OMD Business Partner, Horizon Power, Perth

I found EI training with Rachel Green extremely beneficial to my position at Horizon Power as a Finance Business Partner. My role requires regular stakeholder engagement often when discussing financial performance and budgets people can become emotional.

At the start of the journey we under went an Emotional intelligence assessment. This was excellent as it provided ... extremely valuable feedback as to which areas to target for further development.

 Joanne Choong

Management Accountant, Engineering & Projects, Horizon Power, Perth, Australia.

The emotional intelligence assessment was a revelation. It was a good start for me to adapt myself to achieve the outcome I needed.

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