The Judgment Index: assessment & coaching (C7)

You may have a lot of knowledge, a high IQ, a high emotional intelligence or a decisive personality. However, what do you actually do in the moment that a decision has to be made? Do you know if you are making the best decisions?

  • Can you be relied upon to make the best/right decision in the heat of the moment or when under pressure?
  • What kind of quick decisions do you make in an emergency?
  • How do you make those small everyday decisions that occur frequently throughout each day.
  • What informs your long-term decisions, personal decisions, work decisions and people decisions?
  • What impact do your decisions have on yourself, your organisation and your work?

These are all questions that form the foundation of the Judgment Index.

The Judgment Index (JI) is a relatively new assessment in Australia, but it has been used extensively in America. It is based on data collected over a 40 year period, and uses some of the most thorough statistical analysis possible. It is accurate, takes only 15-25 minutes on average to complete, and is done online. It is not a self-report measure, nor 360 feedback. Rather the assessment involves you in making a number of decisions, and analysis of these forms your JI profile. 

Why do we need the Judgment Index?

Sometimes you may not realise just how many decisions you take in one day and how big an impact they have. Take driving a car, for instance: you're constantly making decisions. For example, should I move into the right lane now? Is this the right way to go? Can I get through the lights? Am I too close to the car in front? Is this my turning? Am I late? ... and this is all before you have even started work!

When you're at work there are even more decisions to make, e.g. do I need to go to this meeting? Should I answer this email? What is the best way to explain this? Can we improve our customer service? Should I apply for this promotion? Is it worth doing? What do I need to put on the agenda? What's my team's priority? Am I doing the right thing by my staff? What is my long-term goal? Is the organisation's vision clear enough? How do I win the board's approval? ... and on the decisions go.

Your success is influenced each day by the countless number of decisions that have to be made; from small everyday tactical decisions to the large global strategic decisions, good judgment is the key factor in your success or failure.

  • This aspect of our behaviour has not been the focus of assessment tools in the past.
  • With the Judgment Index there is now a way to focus on this.
  • How good are the decisions you make? Find out now. E-mail us now to book.

What type of feedback will the Judgment Index provide? 

  • What you will gain is an assessment of the judgements you make in 30 different areas in your working and personal life. It identifies your areas of strength and weakness in these areas.
  • Specific feedback will be given to you on each one in a comprehensive report which may run for as many as 45 pages. Each aspect is explained thoroughly.
  • The results are explained to you by an accredited JI consultant, which in this case is myself, Rachel Green, to make sure you get the most out of the results.

Here are some of the questions it may answer for you

The focus of the results will vary for each person according to their skills, and areas of need. However, here are just some of the questions that you might find answers to:

  1. Are your decisions balanced and reliable?
  2. What are your strengths in decision-making?
  3. What do you fail to consider in your decisions?
  4. What impact do your decisions have on your career, stress levels, work style, safety, leadership success, relationships & health?
  5. What impact do your decisions have on others & how well received are they?
  6. How ethical are your decisions?
  7. How strategic is your decision-making?
  8. Do people trust your decisions?
  9. Are your decisions ever a safety risk? 
  10. How empathic are your decisions?
  11. How do your levels of self-esteem & motivation impact on your decision-making?
  12. How realistic are your decisions?
  13. Have you chosen a meaningful career?
  14. What is negatively impacting on your decision-making?
  15. What do you need to change to make better decisions?

The two stages in the process 

  1. The Judgment Index Administration
  2. A two hour coaching and interpretation session on the Judgment Index results.

1. The Judgment Index Administration

  • The Judgment Index (JI) is completed online on your own computer.
  • It only takes about 15 to 25 minutes to complete, depending on the speed with which you make the decisions involved.
  • The cost of the JI administration is AUD $357.60 worldwide.
  • Once you have completed the Judgment Index I am notified and request your reports.
  • There are a number of different reports that may be obtained, however I recommend that you start with a JI personal narrative. This is by far the most comprehensive report and is essential.
  • Other reports are available, such as ones related to leadership, customer service, pre-hire assessment suitability, sales professionals, risk management and safety, stress and wellness guide, and more. If any of these are required, they can still be arranged following the personal narrative. Please note, there is an additional charge for any of these specific reports, and the fees vary according to the reports required.

2. A 2 hour coaching and interpretation session on the JI results.

The fees for the individual 2 hour results and coaching session are in addition to the JI administration and are as follows:

  • On our premises in Kelmscott, Western Australia: A 2 hour test coaching session is AUD $420 + GST = $462 (Usual fee is $660).
  • Via skype: A 2 hour test coaching session is AUD $400 + GST = $440 in Australia. (Usual fee is $550).

Booking your JI assessment

  1. E-mail us now and we will start to arrange your Judgment Index assessment and your follow-up coaching session.
  2. Or if you'd rather, just pick up the 'phone and give us a call
  3. You will be required to pay for both the Judgment Index assessment and the coaching session prior to the commencement of the JI assessment. We will issue you with an invoice for each. They can be paid for via credit card, Paypal or Electronic Funds Transfer.
  4. We look forward to sharing your results with you. It could change your life.
  5. E-mail us now.