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How to make your leadership presentations interesting

How to make your leadership presentations interesting & engaging

How many presentations have you been to where leaders are long-winded, boring and dull and their employees, stakeholders or colleagues sit passively and long for them to finish? Maybe you have even given one like this?

Even if you are the leading expert in your area, the CEO, the Chair of the Board, or the CFO, if your audience has switched off or thinks that your speech is irrelevant, boring or too long your expertise is worth nothing - because no one is listening.

Instead, learn how to make your presentations interesting so that you engage your audience right from the start - and all the way to the end. Have people listening ... and without sacrificing the importance or accuracy of your content. When you are engaging you have more influence and your key messages are received more effectively.

This leadership presentation skills tele-class will cover how to:

  • Not be boring!
  • Adapt to each audience.
  • Use credible ways to gain the audience's attention at the beginning, middle and end.
  • Assert your key messages and avoid preambles.
  • Choose the examples, language and explanations that best fit each audience.
  • Bring even dry and technical speech topics to life.
  • Use props and PowerPoints that are relevant and interesting.
  • Ensure the audience responds when you interact.
  • Tell stories and examples well and benefit from them.

Available for private groups and organisations by request 

Please contact us to have this special leadership presentations tele-class conducted privately for your top team or organisation.

  • Ideal for: Members of the top team and top professionals giving important presentations at conferences, seminars or events or to employees, stakeholders or peers, and who want to engage the audience. Also, for those with dry or technical details.
  • Preparation, follow-up and handouts: A handout of the PowerPoints will be sent to you after the tele-class. You are welcome to send Rachel a sample speech beforehand for feedback during the tele-class.

Presenter: Rachel Green:

  • Rachel is the Director of the Emotional Intelligence Institute, an emotional intelligence and engagement specialist, and one of Australia's most dynamic, down-to-earth and popular expert speakers.
  • In 2010 she was awarded the highest level of international accreditation in the professional speaking profession: Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). She has a proven track record in engaging audiences.
  • She is the author of 20 CDs, 8 books and 3 DVDs. Her most popular book "The beginner's guide to being a brilliant master of ceremonies" has now sold in over 70 countries world-wide.
  • She has spoken to large conference audiences and small meetings; delivered motivational speeches and technical ones; lectured in universities, spoken in art centres and delivered at governance forums; provided presentation coaching to sports stars, senior politicians, corporate executives, lawyers, accountants, senior public servants, and more ... 
  • She is an engaging, warm, lively presenter with a great sense of humour. She promises not to be boring.


This was the first webinar I've attended. It was easy and a really convenient way to receive training - all in the comfort of my dining room! Rachel delivered excellent content and had plenty of great practical examples. I thoroughly recommend this type of training.

Kym Godfrey. Director, Accent West. WA.

While listening to Rachel during the presentation there was a click in my mind that changed my perception about work and life completely and for good. Since then I've recommended her to two of the persons I deal with on a daily basis; my beloved wife and my boss, with great results.

David Fernandez, Manager, IBN Corporation, Tom Price, WA.  

Rachel provided my leadership team with a presentation skills workshop. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy American TV advert - the workshop dramatically changed how I present to others because the emphasis was on the emotional connection with the audience. 

Jonathan Throssell, CEO, Shire of Mundaring, Perth, WA.

It was great to be able to do this live tele-class, in my own space and with no travel and accommodation expenses, but still being able to interact with other participants. Rachel's presentation was short, sharp and to the point; and I was able to take away so much from it, even though we only had an hour. 

Cherie Wallace, Coordinator Statutory Planning, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia.

You were very helpful to me all those years ago. The most important thing I learned from your presentation training was that it was ok to be myself. I do not know if I ever told you that.

Hon. Cheryl Edwardes, B.Juris., L.L.M, B.A. Consultant solicitor and former member of WA Government State Cabinet.

Your tele-class was a wonderful experience. Living in the country makes it difficult to gain access to valuable information and I find the webinar technology so easy. 

Donna Rayner, Project Officer, Mingenew-Irwin Group, Western Australia.

Please contact us to have this special leadership presentations tele-class conducted privately for your top team or organisation.