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How to reduce anxiety: Your seven options

How to reduce anxiety: Your seven options

Anxiety is meant to warn us that danger is imminent and help us mobilise our resources so that we can escape quickly. However, these days anxiety can occur when there are no wild animals nearby ... and for some of us, we don't even know what we are anxious about. All we know is that we are anxious or having a panic attack. Is this you?

Managing anxiety can be distressing. It can make our lives miserable and lead us to avoid tasks and dread activities. Stop! Learn about the 7 options you have for reducing it now in this unique live tele-class, available world-wide, with Rachel Green, Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute, and someone who has successfully cured herself of panic attacks.

What this practical anxiety reducing live tele-class will cover:

It will introduce you to a range of 7 anxiety management techniques to help your anxiety dissolve. 

  • There are many soothing ways to soften and reduce anxiety. Discover what your options are.
  • Managing anxiety is a journey with many steps and you'll learn 7 important anxiety management techniques.
  • There won't be time to cover each step in depth but you will discover how anxiety can fade under their influence. And, if you want to know more, additional tele-classes will focus on particular steps in depth.
  • How to sleep easy, rest easy and let your anxieties and worries be replaced by greater peace and calm.

Available for private groups and organisations by request 

Please contact us to have this anxiety reducing tele-class conducted privately for your group or organisation.

Why a tele-class on anxiety?

  • Anxiety may produce sweating, a rapid heart rate, shaking, a dry mouth, a feeling of dread, diarrhoea, and other equally horrid symptoms.The advantage of this tele-class, for someone with anxiety, is that you do not have to leave your home or workplace to participate.
  • A further advantage is that you don't have to talk in front of other people or be part of a group. Your level of involvement is completely up to you.
  • No role plays!
  • No-one need know you are participating except for those of us at The EI Institute.
  • It gives you immediate and personal access to an emotional intelligence expert.


Delivered excellent content

This was the first webinar/tele-class I've attended. It was easy and a really convenient way to receive training - all in the comfort of my dining room! Rachel delivered excellent content and had plenty of great practical examples.

Kym Godfrey. Accent West. WA.
I would recommend Rachel's live tele-classes to anyone

It was great to be able to do this live tele-class, in my own space and with no travel and accommodation expenses. Rachel's presentation was short, sharp and to the point; and I was able to take away so much from it, even though we only had an hour. I would recommend Rachel's live tele-classes to anyone wanting to acquire new skills, brush-up on old ones or discover something about themselves.

Cherie Wallace, Coordinator Statutory Planning, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia.
Changed my life completely, and for good

While listening to Rachel during the presentation there was a click in my mind that changed my perception about work and life completely and for good. Since then I've recommended her to two of the persons I deal with on a daily basis; my beloved wife and my boss, with great results.

David Fernandez, Manager, IBN Corporation, Tom Price, WA. 
I find the tele-class technology so easy

Thank you Rachel! Your tele-class was a wonderful experience. Living in the country makes it difficult to gain access to valuable information and I find the webinar technology so easy. Through your support I know that I can take on whatever life and work throws at me and I'll come out the other side intact and not wrecked.

Donna Rayner, Project Officer, Mingenew-Irwin Group, Western Australia.
Enormously beneficial

Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the live tele-class. It was at a time which really suited me in that I could finish work, log onto the tele-class, complete the sesson and still be home in time for dinner! Once the class started I found it really easy to follow and I could ask questions via the chat box. The information you gave us is enormously beneficial. 

Kerry Morrison, Training and Workforce Development Consultant, CommunityWest. WA.

Presenter: Rachel Green:

  • Rachel is the Director of the Emotional Intelligence Institute, an emotional intelligence and engagement specialist, and dynamic professional speaker who's cured herself of panic attacks. 
  • She is the author of the CD set/mp3s, "Happy not hassled: Using meditation to manage your emotions and find contentment". Her meditation helped her reduce her anxiety.
  • She's also been a voluntary counsellor on a crisis line, has completed a course in mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), and been involved in training in Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and has used SET and provocative therapy to help diminish her anxiety.
  • She's a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner and found the Feldenkrais Method helped her reduce anxiety.
  • She has tertiary level qualifications in psychology, speech pathology and adult education.
  • She'll draw on her own personal experiences of anxiety and those of others, as well as on key anxiety research. 
  • Rachel is neither a psychiatrist nor a psychologist and she encourages people to seek appropriate medical and psychological support. 
  • She is warm, engaging and compassionate, and promises not to be boring!