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KEY RESOURCES on anxiety for parents, by Rachel Green.

This list was put together when Rachel appeared on the 720 ABC hour-long special on "Anxiety in children" with Gillian O'Shaughnessy and Maggie Dent in August 2016.


1. Mood Meter App


Best app for developing emotional self-awareness and learning what triggers emotions including anxiety. Developed at Yale University by the team of Peter Salovey (original pioneer of emotional intelligence).

2. Atlas of Emotions


Great way to learn more about emotions. Colourful and interactive.



1. Dr Dan Seigel: "Brainstorm : The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain: An Inside-Out Guide to the Emerging Adolescent Mind, Ages 12-24"


2. Jo Wiese with Steve Wells: "Rosie and the Night Monsters".

How to teach children tapping to remove their anxieties and fears.




1. A brief impromptu demonstration of tapping made at the ABC studios after the broadcast.

2. 15 minute film with the students at Roleystone Community College: "Bitchiness, jealousy & boys".

A resource to facilitate discussion with teenagers and young adults about their emotions.


3. Worksheet of questions to help parents and teachers guide a discussion with their adolescents about emotions based on "Bitchiness, jealousy & boys".


4. Demonstrating Simple Energy Techniques (SET) tapping for controlling your emotions.

We demonstrate all the steps for tapping and you can tap along.


5. Stop presentation anxiety & the fear of public speaking with simple energy techniques

More advanced demonstration of all the steps for SET tapping applied to presentation anxiety but relevant to other anxiety.



1. Happy not hassled: Easy meditations to calm your emotions

Covers extra tips on managing anxiety plus 4 guided meditations including a mindfulness one, and a loving kindness one.



1. Positivity Ratio Test

You and your children can take a free positivity self-test to calculate the number of positive to negative emotions you have each day. The ratio for flourishing is 3:1 – that's three positive emotions to every negative one. Login to the site then go to "tools" in the top menu - then "positivity self-test" in the left menu.


2. Emotional Intelligence resources for schools

The work of Professor Con Stough, the leading Australian researcher into emotional intelligence development in school-aged children, with resources for teachers.



1. How to say no nicely.


2. There is a special section of articles on the Emotional Intelligence Institute website on how to manage and reduce anxiety, in both children and adults:

This includes articles by both Rachel Green and Maggie Dent for children and parents and adults in general.