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Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute. She has used meditation to cure herself of panic attacks. 

Five tips to stop panic attacks

Panic attacks can fill people with dread. They are a very severe form of anxiety which can come on suddenly. Having a panic attack can feel so dreadful that people may mistakenly think they are having a heart attack.

Hyperventilating, heart pounding and sweating, accompanied by fear or dread, are just some of the symptoms of panic attacks. Managing anxiety at this level can require many different emotional intelligence skills and treatments.

However, take heart. Some years ago, I had really bad panic attacks for 18 months, including nocturnal panic attacks, and I survived them and recovered. I haven't had any since. What did I do?

Here are 5 of the key ways in case they help you too.

Panic attacks tip 1: Determination not to give in.

I decided that it was no good sitting around being frightened of having a panic attack and that I would do whatever it took to get rid of them. I was not prepared to just sit and wait, nor to consider the possibility that this was how I would be for the rest of my life. No way! This was a sign of emotional intelligence as far as I was concerned, i.e. not giving into my emotions.!

I became an active seeker of my own cure. I was determined. I was not going to whither under their might. Why would I? 

Panic attacks tip 2: Listening to understand why I was getting them.

I started to pay attention to my "psyche", I asked my panic attacks why they had come, I asked them what I needed to learn from them. Over time the message became very clear to me and a way of managing the anxiety became clear.

I made a significant number of life changes at this time. I had to make the changes in order to demonstrate to my psyche that I had truly listened and taken note of what she was trying to tell me. Once I started changing and improving my life there was no need for panic attacks.

Panic attacks tip 3: Meditating every day.

Meditating day in and day out, no matter what, made a huge difference in managing the anxiety. I went back to the local meditation class and that was an enormous benefit. I went every week without fail. And then I practised every day.

Meditation is a training. It is a discipline. I became disciplined. Before this I had meditated every now and again. That was not enough. I learnt to stop fearing anxiety and the panic attacks through meditation.

If you'd like to try some easy-to-follow guided meditations I have recorded the four that I used to dissolve my own panic attacks. They are available on our MP3 recordings "Happy not hassled". You can get them here:

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Panic attacks tip 4: Being a professor studying the anxiety.

I developed the ability to talk quietly to myself about what was going on when I was having a panic attack as if I were a detached observer, as if I were someone else standing back looking on. My meditation practice helped me do this. I was learning to become more emotionally intelligent in the way that I reacted to my emotions and panic attacks.

For example, I might say to myself, "That's interesting, here comes the sweat. I wonder how many litres I can sweat, or where does all the water come from anyway? And anyway where does the water come from? Do I have a water bucket especially for panic attacks under my armpits?"

The anxiety was no longer so frightening. Having a panic attack almost became interesting. Emotions can be interesting when we stop being afraid of them, well some of the time anyway!

Panic attacks tip 5: Concentrating on my breathing.

When I was anxious or in panic I practised simply watching the anxiety arise and fade away, arise and fade away, arise and fade away. I kept my concentration on my breathing, in and out, anxiety arising and fading away, in and out ... I could put my hand on my belly and feel the air going in, the air going out. This stopped the panic from building.

Again this was a direct result of the emotional intelligence skills I developed during meditaton. I learnt to sit with emotions such as anxiety and other feelings, I became mindful of them. I learnt to watch them arise and fade away. I learnt to watch my breath arise and fade away. The meditation was an enormous help.

Managing the anxiety of panic attacks: Summary.

These five ways of managing the anxiety of panic attacks are based on my own personal experiences. I am not suggesting that what I did will work for you or anyone else who is having a panic attack, or that these are the only treatments that matter. In fact, there will be a second article on the other 5 key factors that helped me as well.

However, I can say that these techniques worked for me in reducing anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes when people have panic attacks all hope leaves them. I want to give you hope. If you are having a panic attack I hope by sharing my story it can help you find more peace of mind. It is there for the taking.

If you'd like to try some easy-to-follow guided meditations I have recorded the four that I used to dissolve my own panic attacks. They are available on our MP3 recordings "Happy not hassled". You can get them here:

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NB: Rachel is not a psychologist, psychiatrist or Doctor. Any information contained on this site is not provided as an alternative to obtaining professional help from an appropriately qualified practitioner, please seek the help you need in managing anxiety or gaining relief from panic attacks.