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Written by Rachel Green. Your smart emotions coach: Helping people find positive outcomes from uneasy emotions. Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute. She has cured herself of panic attacks through meditation.

Reduce anxiety by retail therapy - really?

Some people, try to manage their emotions, including anxiety, with “Retail therapy”. They feel a bit down, anxious or tense so they shop. They shop not because they need new clothes and are having to go naked, it's because they want to feel better.

Does anxiety really reduce when people go shopping? Yes, you may say - but for how long? Is it a lasting fix? No! The anxiety returns. And sometime it becomes even worse because people have spent money they could not afford to spend.

When you are already short of money “retail therapy” can be an anxiety disaster. It can increase anxiety and generate even more financial problems. 

Instead, if you manage the emotions that lead you to shop, then you could feel better without spending money. When you don’t spend extra money then your anxiety may reduce and your finances may improve.

Reduce anxiety with exercise

There are other ways to manage your emotions without shopping or spending money. What can you do instead of retail therapy? Try some alternative cheaper "therapies" to shopping.

One key way to manage your feelings and reduce anxiety is exercise. When you go shopping it's possible to walk a long way. That part of shopping is good for you, so do it without the shopping.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to shift people's emotions and reduce anxiety. It is especially good for shifting anxiety and you don't need to spend money on a gym membership, or fancy exercise gear, you can walk in the fresh air, for free.

If you don't feel safe on your own, get a friend, family member or work colleague to go with you. Don't just stroll, pound the streets. Get your heartbeat up, (providing you are in good health), produce some sweat and breathe deeply.

The benefits are enormous. Your emotions can change. Anxiety can reduce. You can become fitter. Also you can see friends at the same time, and all without spending any money.

Sometimes people feel exhausted by their anxiety, making it harder to motivate themselves to exercise. Is your anxiety wearing you out? If so, you might like to learn how to meditate. I recommend our "Happy not hassled" MP3 recordings to you. The meditations are the ones I used to help me overcome my panic attacks. Only buy them if you can afford them though.

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Reduce anxiety by distracting yourself

Another way to avoid retail therapy and reduce anxiety is to distract yourself when you feel down. Retail therapy is very time consuming, so avoid the temptation to do it by filling your time up with other useful activities that cost you nothing and that leave you feeling good instead of feeling anxious.

  • Go and find someone you can help.
  • There will be a neighbour, a community group, or an elderly person who would love to have you help them.
  • When you are helping others your mind can be taken off your desire to shop. You will be too busy!

Become absorbed in doing things for others, and in being kind and generous to others. This can help you feel better about yourself and take your mind off any money worries. It doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

Reduce anxiety by journal writing

The third way you might like to manage your emotions and reduce anxiety is by writing a journal. Instead of trying to distract yourself from your anxieties and feelings by shopping, sit down with them instead.

  • In silence acknowledge to yourself how you truly feel.
  • Then write down how you feel.
  • Also, write down why you’re feeling the way you do.
  • Then generate at least twenty ways you could help yourself to feel better; that will cost you nothing.

When you are financially under pressure, spending more money through "retail therapy" may only increase your anxiety and your debts.

Anxiety management is about intelligent emotional management.

Reduce anxiety without retail therapy. You have many options to do this. Which will you take??

Anxiety can be exhausting. If you are finding your anxiety is wearing you out and stopping you sleeping or thinking straight, you might like to learn how to meditate. If so, I recommend our "Happy not hassled" MP3 recordings to you. The meditations are the ones I used to help me overcome my panic attacks. Only buy them if you can afford them though.

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NB: Any information contained in this article is not provided as an alternative to the obtaining of psychological advice from an appropriately qualified practitioner. Rachel is not a psychologist, Dr or psychiatrist. If you have significant anxiety or financial problems please seek professional help and do not rely on this for the diagnosis or treatment of any psychological or financial problems.