A leader's guide to solving challenges with emotional intelligence, David Caruso & Lisa Rees

This guide teaches four key emotional intelligence skill sets, based on the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso emotional intelligence model.

It is written by David Caruso, one of these original emotional intelligence pioneers and one of the world's leading emotional intelligence researchers.

The four skill sets covered are the ability to:

  • Acquire accurate emotional data,
  • Leverage emotions to make better decisions,
  • Understand the underlying causes of emotions and
  • Manage emotions effectively.

It then addresses a number of specific leadership challenges and provides you with a set of blueprints to successfully address these challenges using the four emotional intelligence skill sets.

They discuss them as the four Ms: "Map Emotions, Match Emotions, understand the Meaning of Emotions and Move Emotions".

This ability model of emotional intelligence is an intelligence and these are hard-not soft-skills.

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