Emotional resilience & managing your emotions: MP3 audio recordings

How would you like to be in control of your emotions, emotionally resilient and ready for anything you experience?

In this MP3 audio program we show you how to awaken your innate emotional intelligence by looking - in depth - at the "3 pillars of emotional resilience".

They are the sound tracks from the DVD program on emotional resilience. There are 13 Chapters - on 4 MP3s - featuring world-class emotional management techniques, including:

how to stay calm whatever the situation, how to ditch negative emotions by developing self-calming techniques, and how to build joy and more positive emotions as a buffer against stress.

Like your body, your emotional intellect sometimes needs a workout and this MP3 set gives you top techniques to help you be emotionally fit. Put these ideas to work and get off the emotional roller coaster.

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By buying the premium bundle, you get the MP3s, AND the DVDs, AND the e-book transcripts, AND save $128. 

The Emotional Resilience Premium Bundle
DVD The 2 DVD set comprising 13 Chapters. $149
eBook The full transcripts of the DVD sets, plus expanded notes & worksheets.
MP3 MP3 audio of the complete programme (4 MP3 folders).
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The DVDs feature:

Michael Done, musician, educator and IT specialist. He has undergone a long journey to develop his emotional intelligence and resilience, and describes how he did this and the steps he still needs to take. He discusses with Rachel the value of shifting his focus from "getting through the day" to deliberately building more joy, delight and serenity into his life as a way of reducing his anger and anxiety. Rachel guides him through practical tasks that you can follow and benefit from.

Rachel Green, Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute. She provides intimate insights into her emotional life and how she develops and maintains her own emotional resilience. She draws on a broad and comprehensive background which covers qualifications in speech pathology, psychology, the Feldenkrais Method, adult education and emotional intelligence. She is also a long term meditation practitioner and has cured herself of panic attacks.

Rebecca Kellam, mining and resources sales director and mother of three. She talks about how she stays emotionally resilient despite her hectic schedule. She also lets Rachel guide her through a series of emotional self-management techniques including ones to reduce anger and feeling overwhelmed, so that you can follow along and benefit too.

The EI Institute's guarantee to you

We guarantee, that if, after purchasing these "Emotional resilience & managing your emotions" audio-recordings and regularly trying out the ideas that they contain, that your emotional resilience and fitness does not improve in any way, then you may ask for and receive your money back, any time in the next 12 months.

Please note

A lack of emotional resilience or health, or general emotional problems, may require the intervention of professionals such as a clinical psychologist, face-to-face counsellor or psychiatrist. Please note Rachel is not a psychologist. The information on these recordings is of a general nature only. It may not suit everyone or every situation. Please seek individual professional guidance for any difficulties you may have. Thank you.

4 MP3s. 3 hours duration.

First edition: 2013.