INFJ: What it's like to be one

"INFJ: What it's like to be one" describes how to be a happy, healthy INFJ, why as INFJs we are so misunderstand and how to have people understand us. Be understood now.

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As an INFJ do you ever: 

  • Feel misunderstood or like an alien? 
  • Wonder what is wrong with you?
  • Get accused of being too sensitive?
  • Long for deeper conversations?
  • Walk into things? 
  • Find details exhausting?
  • Discover you can read people before they read themselves?
  • Get let down by others' poor behaviour? 
  • Feel lonely, isolated or depressed?
  • Have knowings about what is happening?
  • Come up with solutions to problems that others can't see?
  • Long for solitude?

If so, discover the reasons behind these and many other typical INFJ dilemmas and find out how to turn them into strengths. Understand yourself and become understood. Like yourself.

The road to self-acceptance and self-understanding can be a bumpy one for most INFJs in this non-INFJ world, let this book smooth out the journey for you.

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Can you trust this book?

Yes, because it is written by real INFJs for INFJs and about INFJs. It is not another personality type looking in on us and trying to analyse and translate us, it is deep understanding from INFJs looking from the inside out, as it really is. If you are an INFJ it is especially for you. 

It will give you an in-depth journey inside the world of one healthy INFJ, Rachel Green; and she is joined by other INFJs who all write the truth about their lives as INFJs. How good is that? Really good.

Plus, an INTJ and an INFP help us better understand the similarities and differences between them and INFJs, so there can be no more confusion!

Why an e-book?

We have deliberately made it into an e-book because there are a series of hyperlinks to a mass of other resources, quotes and information on INFJs so you can click straight through. 

It also means people can get the book far faster than other methods and there are no additional fees for postage. Unsure whether to buy? Take a look at the introduction and index on the bar below and find out how valuable the content is before you buy.

Your INFJ writers

Rachel Green, is an INFJ and is the main writer. However she is supported by 12 other INFJs who have written on aspects of their INFJ lives too and there are quotes from others. There is a total of sixteen different INFJs involved plus an INFJ plus an INTJ.

The INFJs represent a diverse range of genders, ages, occupations and cultural backgrounds from seven different countries.  

Rachel says,

"I have been an INFJ my whole life, but didn't realise it until I was in my thirties. My mother, an ISTJ, thought I was an "oddball" and so without knowing it, discouraged much of my INFJ character ... but failed! I am so relieved to know I am an INFJ as it makes sense to me. I now live my life ensuring I understand and uses my INFJ strengths and honour my type, despite being different to most of the people I meet and work with".

She writes frequently on Quora, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter about INFJs and has been awarded Top Writer Status on Quora for her contributions.

She became an accredited user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), approximately 25 years ago, and has coached many different types. She has been lucky enough to meet many other INFJs too.

Gain from her experiences now and find out how to be a happy, healthy INFJ with a high level of self-understanding and acceptance. After-all that is all we need as INFJs, isn't it? To understand ourselves and to be understood.

Electronic-book. 283, A4 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9580272-7-4 | First Edition published: September 2018.