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Happy not hassled: Easy meditations to calm your emotions

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Are you frantic? Do you feel stressed, anxious or exhausted? Having trouble sleeping? 

Let Rachel's soothing voice guide you through four easy-to-do meditations so you feel relaxed and calm. Learn how to use meditation to manage your emotions each day. Be calm. Be at ease. Let stress fall away.

Rachel has personally used all these meditations for many years and recommends them to you. These are the meditations that helped cure her panic attacks, and that she still uses each day.

Worried that you can't meditate? It's difficult when your mind's racing, you can't sit still, or you feel sleepy, but Rachel will tell you how to overcome these problems too.

There is now measurable, scientific evidence that practising meditation produces positive changes in brain functioning and strengthens the immune system. Gain the benefits with these recordings.

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Will you be able to do the meditations?

If you are unsure whether you will be able to do the exercises, rest assured they can be done by anyone, whatever your age, background or disposition.

  • They are simple and easy to follow.
  • There are four different meditations of varying lengths from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, so you can choose how long you spend each time you do one.
  • Furthermore, there are 4 different types of meditation and this means that you can choose what suits you best on each day. 
  • All can be done sitting on a chair - no fancy posture needed.
  • There is no distracting music, no religious rituals, and no mumbo-jumbo!
  • There are clear practical explanations, relevant information and easy-to-follow mind soothing exercises, all spoken in an easy-to-relax-to voice. 
  • These are top quality audio programs, recorded in a purpose built professional recording studio, and mixed and produced by audio-sound professionals.

Let Rachel gently and easily guide you through the meditations so you too can gain peace and calm.

Featuring Rachel Green:

You hear Rachel's calming, soothing voice throughout. Rachel attended her first meditation session in 1987 and has continued to practise meditation on a regular basis since then. She has learnt meditation from many world class teachers and has attended numerous 2 day, silent meditation retreats and a nine day one. She helps run a weekly free meditation group at her local hospital, and teaches meditation there as a special guest. Rachel has personally used every one of these meditations and techniques and knows that they work. She has also taught them to others and people have gained great benefit from them. They are not just techniques out of a book, they're techniques that she uses on a daily basis. The meditations on these recordings she used to cure herself of panic attacks.

Please note:

The recordings are not a substitute for other professional help. Please seek any counselling and medical assistance that you need.

Please do not listen to the meditations while driving your car - it may be dangerous as you may fall asleep.

2 MP3s. 2 hours 15 mins duration

ISBN: 0-9580272-2-6 | First edition: 2003 | This 4th edition 2010.



The Emotionally Intelligent Manager by Salovey and Caruso

This is still the gold-standard book on the practical applications of emotional intelligence at work - and outside of work.

It is written by the pioneers of emotional intelligence and the people who did the original scientific research in the area and who continue to do so.

Rachel recommends the book to all her clients at the conclusion of their emotional intelligence coaching sessions. That is how important she thinks it is.

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager shows that the emotion centres of the brain are an integral part of what it means to think, reason, and to be intelligent. It clearly demonstrates that emotions are absolutely necessary for us to make good decisions, take action to solve problems, cope with change, and succeed.

The book describes the four key areas of emotional skills that we all need: identifying emotions, using emotions to facilitate thinking, understanding emotions, and managing emotions.

It also describes how we can measure, learn, and develop each skill and employ them in an integrated way to solve our most difficult work-related problems.

The MSCEIT (Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence-Test) is based on the work in this book. When you've done the test - it could be a great idea to read this book next, especially as the MSCEIT is now used in recruitment.

There is so much we are never taught about emotions at school but this book is an excellent way to fill in our gaps. And it is practical! And written by THE experts in the area. When you want to really understand emotional intelligence we recommend you go to the source. This is the source!

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