The emotional resilience premium bundle

Emotional resilience in one big bundle of 2 DVDs, 1 e-book of expanded transcripts, and 4 MP3s.

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It includes live demonstrations featuring world-class emotional management techniques. Learn how to stay calm, ditch negative emotions, and build more positive emotions as a buffer against stress, anxiety and anger.

Watch the techniques, read about the techniques, listen to the techniques - with this premium collection on emotional resilience you have all avenues covered. 

What you'll receive in the emotional resilience premium bundle

2 DVD set:
"How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions".
The full transcripts of the DVD sets, plus expanded notes & worksheets.
MP3 audio of the complete DVD program (4 MP3 folders).
3 hours of MP3s, 3 hours of videos, E-book. 129, A4 pages.
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The EI Institute's guarantee to you

We guarantee, that if, after purchasing "The emotional resilience premium bundle" and regularly applying all the ideas and strategies in it, that your skills do not improve in any way, then you may ask for and receive your money back, any time in the next 12 months ... and without having to return the recordings. It costs you absolutely nothing. We are happy to take all the risk. Yes, this is a a TWELVE month money-back guarantee!

4 mp3s, 2 DVDs, 1 E-book.