You've got personality, by Mary McGuiness

You've got personality: An introduction to the personality types described by Carl Jung & Isabel Myers.

You've Got Personality provides a unique, full and informative description of each of the 16 personality types on the Myers Briggs type Indicator (MBTI) - and for a reasonable cost.

Rachel recommends or gives this book to all her MBTI workshop and coaching clients, so they can understand themselves better.

It has 44 pages packed with information on how each type changes with age, what stresses each type and the role of the inferior function, how each type presents at their best, what the weaknesses are of each type, how they communicate, and more.

Mary McGuiness is a leading MBTI expert with many years of MBTI experience and is the Director of the Institute for Type Development in Australia. As well as her work in the Accreditation of type practitioners, Mary is also involved in training teachers and counsellors to apply type theory to improve the learning and well being of students.

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