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Help with public speaking is available, that's the good news!

The type of help with public speaking that you need will vary according to your:

  1. Public speaking skills.
  2. Public speaking problems.
  3. Public speaking content.
  4. Public speaking audience.
  5. Levels of public speaking anxiety.

In this article we will describe the help with public speaking that is available for you, based on your existing public speaking skills.

Help with public speaking is available to match your skills

You can get help with public speaking matched to your level of public speaking skills.

For example, you might be a raw beginner at public speaking and not know how to put a speech together. Or you might be very new to public speaking and want to know all the public speaking basics.

In this case The Emotional Intelligence Institute's dynamic and practical public speaking workshop could be ideal. It is called "Clear and Confident Presentations: The Keys". Click here to find out more about this highly successful public speaking workshop.

More advanced help with public speaking

In contrast, you might want help with public speaking but already be experienced, and require a higher level of public speaking workshop. Look no further!

We have an advanced public speaking workshop and master-class that is especially tailored for people who are already experienced in public speaking but hope for a public speaking workshop that will guide them to make their presentations more interesting. It is called: "How to make your presentations more interesting". Click here to find out more about this advanced public speaking workshop.

If however you are already excellent at public speaking but you want to have a greater level of presence on stage, or more charisma, then we have a very specialised public speaking workshop that will give you the inside tips and tricks for presenting with presence. Click here to find out more about this specialised public speaking workshop.

Summary of the public speaking workshops available

  1. Public speaking workshop: Clear, confident presentations: the keys (W7).
  2. Public speaking workshop: How to make presentations interesting (M2).
  3. Public speaking workshop: How to present with presence (M6).

Other help with public speaking

There is additional help with public speaking available to you as well.

You have the choice of:

  1. Presentation skills coaching (C4).
  2. Master of ceremonies coaching (C5).
  3. A quick test on "How well do you handle presentation anxiety?"
  4. A great public speaking e-book to reduce your presentation anxiety: Overcome the fear of public speaking.

There is no shortage of help with public speaking, is there?

If you need more help with public speaking please contact us, we have very experienced public speakers available to provide the help with public speaking you need. Or go to our store, for a complete range of products.