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If more people knew how to engage an audience there would be fewer boring speeches.

If only speakers focused on audience engagement instead of death by PowerPoint, audiences would be happier and speakers more satisfied. Audience engagement does matter.

Why are boring public speakers so common? It is because of a lack of audience engagement. It is that simple!

Why do people lack audience engagement?

It's because speakers and presenters:

  • Don't understand how important it is to engage an audience.
  • Don't put enough effort into audience engagement.
  • Don't know how to engage an audience.
  • Have presentation anxiety that stops them from focusing on audience engagement.
  • Have not had anyone explain to them how important audience engagement is.
  • Lack the skills and techniques required to engage an audience.
  • Haven't seen other speakers engage an audience.
  • Wrongly presume that a presentation is all about the content, the information and the message. It's not. It's about engaging your audience.

How does engaging your audience relate to your content and message?

  1. Giving a speech or presentation is about engaging your audience with your message.
  2. It is about engaging your audience with your content. 
  3. It is about engaging your audience so they want to act on your information.
  4. The purpose of your presentation is to engage the audience with the information, content and messages. The information, content and messages are secondary to engaging your audience.
  5. If you fail to gain audience engagement then there is no point in delivering the information, content and messages, is there? 
  6. If you fail to gain audience engagement they won't hear it, be interested in it, or act on your content, no matter how much of an expert you are.

Boring an audience is the opposite of engaging an audience.

Which do you achieve in your presentations - audience boredom or audience engagement?

How can you engage an audience?

There are many ways to engage an audience.

We can show you many different techniques to make your presentations interesting so that engaging an audience becomes easy. We can give you the techniques you need so that audience engagement becomes a given and isn't something to struggle over. Engaging an audience can become your presentation norm!

We have a special public speaking workshop on how to engage an audience for you: How to make presentations interesting (M2)

We also make sure that you learn from some of Australia's top speakers. Our Director, Rachel Green, has the highest level of international accreditation in the professional speaking profession (CSP), and is an expert in how to engage an audience. She brings them alive!

Rachel can show you that the skills required for engaging your audience can be learnt one easy step at a time.

You can learn how to present by engaging your audience so they are fascinated by your content. 

Learn how to engage an audience: Your options

  1. Engaging your audience option 1: You can have personal presentation skills coaching with Rachel, on how to engage an audience and give interesting presentations: Presentation skills coaching (C4).
  2. Engaging your audience option 2: We have a special public speaking workshop on how to engage an audience for you: How to make presentations interesting (M2) 
  3. Engaging your audience option 3:  There is a unique set of MP3 recordings where you can gain extra public speaking tips and tricks: Confidence in public speaking.

Make sure you can engage an audience!

The emotional intelligence institute is here to help you put your boring presentations to bed and bring your public speaking to life. Engaging your audience can become natural for you. Master the art and science of audience engagement now.