Standardised Assessments

Quick Quizzes

How would you rate your emotional intelligence, and how does it compare to your peers? These quizzes may provide an insight, and bring to the fore the benefits of developing your EI.

1 Emotional Resilience: How good are you at calming your "negative" emotions? Go
2 Emotional Resilience: How well do you keep your cool when things go wrong at work? Go
3 Presentation Anxiety: How well do you handle presentation anxiety? Go
4 Job Interviews: How good are you at job interviews? Go

These Emotional Intelligence quizzes take 5-10 minutes to complete. The answers are not logged or retained by us and there is no need to provide contact details to view the results. You may choose to retain or share your results, but there is no obligation to do so.

The quizzes provide a general assessment and rough indication of your levels of emotional fitness. The tests are not scientifically verified.

Emotional Intelligence Tests - Professional Assessments

How to measure emotional intelligence & EQ, and why it's important to do so.


We each may have an opinion about our emotional intelligence and the effect that has on those around us. A "standardised" test goes beyond self-assessment and provides an objective and measured view based on scientific principles. This can be invaluable in building an emotionally intelligent organisation or your career.

What is a "Standardised" Emotional Intelligence Assessment?

  • Standardised tests give a comparative baseline measure of you and your team's emotional intelligence prior to coaching. This means you can best identify the areas that would most benefit from development.
  • This baseline provides the metric to gauge your progress in developing emotional intelligence, for yourself and through your organisation.
  • It provides an objective measure of your emotional intelligence on many different levels to compare to your personal (subjective) rating.
  • It provides insights into your blind spots and how these may impact on your ability to relate to, influence and engage with executives, staff and stakeholders.

What tests are offered and which one is right for me and my team?

  1. Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence-Test: MSCEIT. The Gold Standard for ability-based measurement of your emotional intelligence, designed and developed by the pioneers of emotional intelligence and used throughout the world. Details.
  2. Judgement Index - JI: It measures your decision-making capability and ability to make good judgements. It covers 30 different aspects, and how these impact on your work performance, personal success and stress levels. This is often undertaken as part of a coaching program, but it is equally relevant for recruitment/selection and enhancing teamwork. Details
  3. Myers Briggs Personality Inventory: MBTI: An internationally renowned personality inventory that has been used by millions for many years. It can assist you in developing your communication skills, relationships and career choices. Details

Important Notice

Some emotional issues may require the intervention of professionals such as clinical psychologists or psychiatrists. Please seek individual professional guidance for any difficulties you may have in your mental and emotional health. The quiz does not replace the need for personal assessment of your skills.

EI tests, sometimes known as EQ or emotional quotient tests are designed to measure and benchmark emotional intelligence
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