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How much does a "tele-class on demand" cost

How much does a "tele-class on demand" cost

The fee for a tailor-made tele-class on demand varies according to the level of complexity and time needed in the preparation.

If it is essentially running an existing tele-class for you with some modifications, the fee is a minimum of $600 +GST = $660. This allows between to 1-8 people to attend.

Any person in addition to that is $70 + GST = $77 per person.

Given the interactive nature of the tele-classes our recommended maximum is 16, which is $1276, and 12 is ideal which would be $968.

Special fee

In certain circumstances, if it is an exact repeat of an existing tele-class, and you simply want it run at a particular time, then you may pay $160 + GST = $176 for 1-2 people, providing we can open it to the public in case anyone else wishes to join in. For additional people (more than 2), it would be $70 + GST = $77 per extra person.

Practical considerations:

  • A mutually agreable date and time are agreed with you.
  • Each person must be individually enrolled and registered beforehand.
  • Names of each person, plus their contact email address, need to be sent to us a minimum of one week beforehand.
  • The full price is to be paid on booking and a tax invoice will be sent to you for this.
  • Each person must be at an individual computer. This is not a group format as each person is expected to interact individually with the presenter throughout. Most like to chat through the chat box in order to do this.
  • Participants do not need to have access to a webcam or microphone, but they can if they wish.
  • Each tele-class is usually run for between 1-1.5 hours.


If you'd like to book a "tele-class on demand" e-mail us now and we will arrange it with you.
If you'd prefer pick up the phone, give us a call right now on: 08 9390 1188 (Australia) or +61 8 9390 1188 (outside Australia).

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