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Tele-class: How do I book in and join one?

How to book in and join in an emotional intelligence tele-class

An easy, three-stage process.

1. Pay

  • First pay for a seat at the tele-class. Do this by clicking on the "Add to cart" button on the tele-class you want to attend.
  • Alternatively you may click on the booking link we have sent out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+; or in our newsletter, or via email.
  • When you click on the button or link you will be sent to PayPal where you pay for the tele-class. 

2. Register

  • Once you have paid you will receive a link to our tele-class provider: Click Meeting/ClickWebinar asking you to register for the tele-class. 
  • Complete the registration asap - it is vital you do this step to gain access to the tele-class. You will need to provide details such as your name, email, nearest town, profession and country. You will also be invited to say what you would like to learn in the tele-class.
  • (Please note: If you want to write questions or comments during the webinar, your name will automatically appear next to your question or comment. Thus, if for any reason you wish to remain anonymous, you may like to use a pseudonym. However, you must give your real email address, but only those of us running the webinar at The Emotional Intelligence Institute see that.)
  • Once you have registered you will be notified that a confirmation email will be sent to you. This message looks like this:
  • This confirmation should arrive within 20 minutes of your registering. It is essential you have this, as this is your unique link so you can gain access to the tele-class. It looks like this picture.
  • In the unlikely event that you do not receive this, please check your spam box. If you still haven't received one urgently contact us. Do not leave it until the last minute before the tele-class, it will be too late for us to help you.
  • We do not get sent a copy of your link it is unique to you, so we can't replace it if you lose it, but we can help if you give us sufficient notice well before the tele-class. Do not contact us at the last minute.
  • If you want to check that everything is working, you can click on the link you are sent, at any time. It will take you to the ClickWebinar website. It will usually tell you the webinar is not open or available yet or tell you the start time. The point is you should be able to access the ClickWebinar site. If you can not reach ClickWebinar there is probably a technical problem at your end. (If you can't access it you can always send us the link for us to check.)

3. Join in online on the day

  • The ClickMeeting confirmation email and your reminder notices contain a link and a "Join" button, so you can join the emotional intelligence tele-class .
  • On the day, no later than 10 minutes before the starting time, click on either the green "Join" button or the blue link beneath it. See the picture to show you what to look for.
  • The start of the tele-class will appear on your screen. It is easy! If you are early and Rachel hasn't switched it on you may just see a picture of her and the title, initially. Before the start you should see and hear Rachel and she will ask you to check the sound and that you can hear her.
  • You can join in via your computer, tablet or phone. However, you might find it easiest at a computer as in addition to watching Rachel speak, you will be simultaneously shown PowerPoint slides plus be able to join in the chat room. 

Other information  

  1. ClickMeeting will send you a reminder approximately 3 days, 1 day and 1 hour before the start of the tele-class.
  2. Make sure your link is on the same computer you will be attending the emotional intelligence tele-class on.
  3. Please log in via the link no later than 10 minutes before the start time to allow you the opportunity to check your equipment.
  4. The time we give is Perth time, Western Australia. Please take into account your time zone to make sure you join the tele-class at the right time.
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