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Tele-class: What equipment will I need?

What equipment will I need?

At the simplest levels you need a computer with a good internet connection and sound, plus the ability to access our tele-class provider Clickwebinar.com

Here are the three main items you need to join in our emotional intelligence tele-classes:

1. An Internet connection 

  • A fast reliable broadband connection is best.
  • Dial-up is not recommended. It will be too slow to load.
  • If you don't have a broadband connection and you are in a rural area in Australia Telstra does sell prepaid wireless broadband devices on the 4 G network. However, please check before purchasing to make sure they do work in your area, are fast enough, and how much they cost.

2. Computer + Email address + Adobe + Access to ClickWebinar

  • An e-mail address - in order to receive the registration information, the reminders and the link to the emotional intelligence tele-class
  • Our tele-class provider is ClickMeeting/ClickWebinar. It is fully compatible with both PC and Mac computers. You need to make sure you can access it. Some Government organisations, in particular, block access to external websites in which case people from such organisations may need to use their personal laptops or email addresses. If you need to change the email address with which you have registered you can do this by registering a second time (no cost).
  • For PC and Mac, you will need: Adobe® Flash® Player 11.3 or above. This is very likely to already be installed (in 80% of cases). To check your installation, please go to this link. The most recent version can be downloaded free of charge from here. Do this before the start of the tele-class.
  • You can also attend our emotional intelligence tele-classes on tablet or smartphone (an iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Playbook).
  • For tablet and smartphone, you will need to download the relevant ClickWebinar free mobile App to do this. Links to all the Apps can be found on the ClickWebinar App page. However, given that you are watching slides and watching/listening to a presenter and joining in the chat room you may be best with a computer.

3. Microphones, cameras and headphones: what you do & don't need

  • You need to be able to hear the presenter during the tele-class. Audio quality can vary based on your audio software/hardware manufacturer as well as your operating system. 
  • Headphones are not required, as long as you can hear easily through the loud-speakers on your computer and you will not be disturbing people near you.
  • Questions and comments are usually made by participants via the chat box, for maximum efficiency of time.
  • You will need headphones if other people around you will be affected by the sounds on your computer or if you are in a noisy environment.
  • Webcams/cameras are not required. People choose to write questions. And some choose not to ask any at all!
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