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Tele-Class: What is a customised "tele-class on demand"?

A customised Tele-Class is tailored to a particular industry or organisation, designed to address specific issues, and available on request.

  • It is tailor-made to your needs and circumstances.
  • It is conducted privately for your people. 
  • It is run at a mutually agreeable time that suits your people.
  • It is on a topic of your choice as it relates to emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, presentation skills, networking skills, job interviews or related areas.
  • A series of them can be conducted on the same topic over a period of days or weeks, to allow an in-depth development of the required topic.

Please contact us to request one.

Running a Customised Tele-Class is especially useful when:

  1. You have people on many locations, as they can all join in at the same time and without the cost of travel and accommodation. 
  2. You are all based in one location but far from Perth, WA. making it hard to attend face-to-face master-classes with Rachel. 
  3. You have a specific topic you urgently want your staff trained in. 
  4. You have a small group of people which makes the cost of a face-to-face seminar beyond your reach.
  5. You can't have all your people out of work at the same time but want everyone to receive the same training. 
  6. You want to access Rachel's expertise.

Please contact us to request one.

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