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Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute.

Two aspects of emotional intelligence and EQ involve being able to manage your own emotions and those of others. These are particularly important skills for real estate professionals to have, as people who buy and sell homes are driven by their emotions. 

How people feel when viewing a home, how they feel about the real estate professional they are dealing with, and how they feel about the location of the home all influence their behaviour.

It is for reasons such as this that emotional intelligence and EQ are important for real estate professionals. You need to be able to read, understand and influence the emotions of potential buyers, including those at home-opens.

What you do and how you communicate with them influences how they feel. This article will therefore give you five tips on emotionally intelligent ways to communicate at home-opens.

It is the second article in a two-part series on EQ for real estate professionals servicing home-opens. This one covers EQ skills 6-10, the first article gives EQ skills for real estate home opens 1-5.

These EQ skills result from my experiences in looking for a new home and attending home-opens most weekends over a 15 month period.

EQ skills 6: Don't be sexist

How do you think sexism makes the visitors to your home-opens feel? Sexism can conjure up a range of negative emotions.

You may be insulted when I suggest sexism occurs in real estate, but sexism is rife in the real estate profession from our experience. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes more blatant. 

There are conventions for instance about shaking hands - one real estate agent went to shake our hands while we were in the car. (This may sound strange but it was appropriate.)

The real estate agent leant all the way across me to shake the hand of my husband, ignoring my hand. When he withdrew his hand I gave him mine. Please learn the modern day social etiquette. He should have shaken my hand first as I was closest. Not doing so was sexist.

Sexism is off-putting. Leaving your people feeling ignored is not emotionally intelligent. 

What do you do?

EQ skills 7: Spruce up

How you dress is all part of the way you communicate and people may have an emotional reaction to your appearance, good or bad.

Do I really need to say this? Some agents looked very neat, professional and smart. But some - what can I say?

Blokes - please wash and cut your hair, reduce your beer belly, have trousers the right length and if you wear a jacket, iron it, make sure it fits and do it up if it doesn't hang well when it is open.

It's not that you have to wear a jacket - sometimes a nice shirt and casual jumper and jeans would have been as appropriate. But if you're going to wear a suit - wear it well.

I don't mean this to be sexist but we saw more men than women and most of the women were very well dressed.

Think about the impression you are leaving and the emotional impact you are creating - it is all part of emotional intelligence.

EQ skills 8: No strong after-shave or perfume please

Smells also create emotional reactions in the visitors to your home-opens. You already know that the smell of freshly baked bread in the oven, freshly brewed coffee on the table, and beautiful flowers in the entrance can help create a positive emotional ambience in a home.

Be as careful therefore with how you smell. Please do not put-off your potential buyers with your perfumes. Some people are allergic to after-shave and other perfumes. Others simply find them overwhelming.

Some real estate agents wore such strong after-shave and perfumes that we'd go home still being able to smell them! It did not add to our enthusiasm but, instead, made us feel uncomfortable. Use perfumes and after-shaves lightly.

EQ skills 9: Know the house

We were surprised how little some agents knew about some of the homes they were selling. If a potential buyer is enthusiastic about a house and wants to know more, a lack of information from the real estate professional could dampen their enthusiasm.

At the very least, we decided that those who knew little would not be chosen to sell our home.

I know that as an agent you have many homes to sell and it's not possible to know everything about a home when you've not lived in it. However, please do make the effort to know as much as possible so you can give us accurate information on the spot.

Your ability to answer people's questions can help build a positive emotional experience. 

EQ skills 10: Qualify us

"To qualify" is a term you'll know well in the real estate business. Why isn't it followed through then?

Find out what your buyer is wanting before you jump in with irrelevant information. Once you have collected the relevant information you may find the home at the home-open isn't appropriate, but now you have the information you may be able to sell them another home.

This in the end was how we got our new home - many agents didn't bother to find out what we needed, so missed out on a sale. One agent went to a lot of trouble to qualify us and found us a home that had not been on display at a home-open, and we bought it.

Communicating in an emotionally intelligent way can earn you thousands of dollars. Research shows that those people with higher levels of emotional intelligence in sales generate greater revenue. Is this you?

How high is your emotional intelligence and EQ?

Develop your organisation's EQ skills, now

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