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5. The benefit of EI in schools: The AP explains

Written by Rachel Green, Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute, accredited user of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and author of "How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions."

This article features a video. It is one of four follow-up videos that was made after a film on emotional intelligence was produced by Roleystone Community College.

In this video Assistant School Principal, Andrew Pheasant, explains the benefits of emotional intelligence for both teachers and students. He also explains the benefits of emotional intelligence for actors and film crew.

He was the person behind the making of the emotional intelligence film "Bitchiness, jealousy and boys" and its Executive Producer. The film was made by his year 8, 9 and 10 students in the film institute at the College. 

This unique emotional intelligence film is a vital resource for teachers wishing to discuss and teach the benefits of emotional intelligence to their students. It is also invaluable for parents wanting to help their teenagers become aware of the benefits of emotional intelligence, reading emotions accurately, and managing emotions intelligently.

The follow-up videos add further resources for teachers and parents. It is owing to the dedication of Andrew that these follow-up videos were made available.

The students were also responsible for these videos and did the filming, lighting, sound and production and in quite difficult circumstances as their film studio wasn't available at the time.

Each video explores a different aspect of emotional intelligence from the perspective of the actors, writers, crew, producers and EI coach and what they now know about emotional intelligence.

The benefit of emotional intelligence in schools

Emotional Intelligence is not always taught in schools and some schools pay limited attention to the emotions influencing their students' behaviour and well-being.

Andrew Pheasant explains:

Schools focus an awful lot on facts, figures and knowledge and those quantitative things, but the emotional side of the human experience is often ignored in schools.

He also explains that one of the benefits his film crew gained was emotional resilience. He explains, in the featured video below, why emotional resilience is important on a film set, for team-work and in school students and teachers.

One of the most important things in terms of working on a film set is resiliency because there are problems that arise all the time ... and as a team we all have to learn a collective emotional response to those problems. 

However, this film and emotional intelligence aren't just about teenagers or for teenagers. Many adults, including parents and teachers have not had emotional intelligence training when they went through the school system either. Emotional self-management as parents or teachers is also important.

Andrew explains in this video:

I'd also like to see our teachers look at it because it's not just about our kids being self-aware of how they manage their emotions, but as teachers we have to be very aware of how we manage ours. The impact we can have on kids if we don't manage our emotions well can be catastrophic.

Emotional intelligence is important in schools and for teenagers, hear from Andrew, as an Assistant Principal, why this is the case.

Featured video: The benefit of emotional intelligence in schools

Other emotional intelligence and EQ resources

Here are links to the other 3 follow-up videos, plus the film, plus the discussion guide.

Develop your school's emotional intelligence

There is so much that your leadership team can do to develop their emotional intelligence and the emotional intelligence of their school. We have a number of options to help:

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