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2. School students ask "What is EI?"

Written by Rachel Green, Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute, accredited user of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso-Emotional-Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and internationally recognised Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Emotional intelligence involves being aware of how you feel and managing your emotions intelligently. However, little is done in most educational establishments to help our teenagers understand emotional intelligence and how it can make their lives easier.

Roleystone Community College is different. The teenagers there have made a film on emotional intelligence: "Bitchiness, jealousy and boys". The script writer was a teenage student, and the actors and film crew were all teenage students. 

This emotional intelligence film is important viewing for any school, teacher or educational establishment wanting to develop emotional intelligence in their students, or for parents wanting to develop emotional intelligence in their children or teenagers.

Better still, it is a great film for teenagers who want to develop their emotional intelligence.

Follow-up videos after the emotional intelligence film

There are also four follow-up videos that were made after the film was produced by the College.

The follow-up videos provide important supplementary information and insights that can help teachers in the classroom and parents at home, as well as teenagers themselves.

Each video explores a different aspect of emotional intelligence from the perspective of the actors, writers, crew, producers and EI coach and what they now know about emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence?

This article features one of the follow-up videos: "What is emotional intelligence?".

In this video the film's script writer, Victoria Smeulders, interviews me, as the emotional intelligence coach, to find out what emotional intelligence is.

She asks me to clarify why emotional intelligence is important and to define exactly the different aspects of emotional intelligence that exist. We discuss emotional self-awareness, emotional expression and emotional self-management.

We discuss some of the important emotions covered in the film, why it matters that you know how you feel, and what the script writer learnt about emotional intelligence.

Featured Video: What is emotional intelligence and why is it important?

Other emotional intelligence and EQ resources

Here are the other three follow-up videos related to the emotional intelligence film, along with the link to the film in case you haven't seen it, and the parents' and teachers' discussion guide for the film.

The teachers' and parents' guide to help you generate relevant questions to discuss with your teenagers: "The emotional intelligence film: Teachers guide".

Develop your school's emotional intelligence

There is so much that your leadership team can do to develop their emotional intelligence and the emotional intelligence of their school. We have a number of options to help:

  1. There is a series of emotional intelligence workshops, including: "Mastering emotional intelligence". 
  2. We provide a face-to-face 5 star emotional intelligence coaching package which can be conducted online or in our Kelmscott office.
  3. Emotional intelligence asessments can be conducted using the MSCEIT.
  4. We can also bring a whole emotional intelligence programme to your entire school for your students and teachers, under the guidance of Professor Con Stough.

For more details, or to make a booking, e-mail us now.

Develop the emotional intelligence of your teachers now and be an emotionally intelligent school.

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