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17. Higher EI produces higher sales and income

Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute.

How emotionally intelligent are your sales team? It may not be a question you have focused upon before or you may have dismissed its relevance.

Higher levels of emotional intelligence in sale professionals can be advantageousResearch shows that higher levels of emotional intelligence can boost the success of sales professionals in both sales and income generation.

Considering their levels of emotional intelligence may be important and impact on your business.

Have you also considered that engaging your sales team in emotional intelligence training to enhance their levels of emotional intelligence may also benefit your business?

It might be the time to do this. Here's why.

Reason 1

In a study* conduced by Genos International in Sydney, they found that following emotional intelligence training over a 10 month period, improvements in emotional intelligence led to a 13% improvement in sales revenue, delivering approximately $6 for every $1 invested in the program. 

Reason 2

In research on emotional intelligence and leadership conducted by David Rosete at the Department of Psychology, University of Wollongong, Australia, it was found that "Executives who achieved superior business outcomes scored higher on the emotional intelligence ability test, and ... the ability measure of emotional intelligence (the MSCEIT™) predicted effective leadership over and above well-established workplace measures such as reasoning ability and personality".

Reason 3

After completing a one-day emotional intelligence course with Rachel, a carpet salesman, Jon Dunkley, wrote to us afterwards and said,

Just ONE WEEK after doing your first Emotional Intelligence course I've had record sales. I had $60,000 more sales in a week than I've ever had before. This is a great result! I applied what I learnt in the EI course and paid more attention to people's emotions and I managed my own emotions better. What a difference it made.

(This was back in 2004 so by today's prices would be a lot more).

This is only a brief sample of relevant research and information.

In conclusion:

The ability to be aware of and manage your own emotions and others' emotions has a direct impact on your sales results. 

How to develop your sales team's emotional intelligence

There is so much that you can do to develop the emotional intelligence of your sales team and build the skills involved across your organisation. The EI Institute has a number of options to help you:
  1. There are high energy, interactive and practical emotional intelligence workshops. Of particular value to your sales team is the one "How to keep your cool with difficult people" and "Mastering emotional intelligence", (the workshop Jon Dunkley 
  2. There is 1-1 emotional intelligence coaching for managers and executives.
  3. There are emotional intelligence CDs, DVDs and books, particularly the unique and practical 2 CD set, "How to deal with difficult people WITHOUT GETTING UPSET". Bulk discounts are available for this so all your employees or team members may have their own copy.

For more details or to make a booking e-mail us now or pick up the phone and call us.

*You can read the full story here: www.genosinternational.com/emotional-intelligence/case-studies#cs2

Thanks to istockphoto.com for the photo.