« 17. A master of ceremonies who engages his audience


Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute. She is the author of "Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking" and "How to be a brilliant master of ceremonies".


Here is someone who shows many of the important features of being a brilliant master of ceremonies. He engages his audience. Emotional intelligence is paramount as an emcee, as engagement is all about managing emotions.

What makes him a good and emotionally intelligent master of ceremonies?

  1. He is very personable and has an easy-to-listen to voice with warmth and clarity. The audience will listen to this emcee.
  2. He is adaptable, he changes what he does to meet the needs of the audience. The audience will find his Mc'ing relevant.
  3. He is audience focused, he knows his audience and will be responsive to them and involves them. The audience will feel included by his master of ceremonies tactics.
  4. He has energy and is flexible and moves magnetically - who would not join in? People join in as he role models what is required. He is a good MC!
  5. He evokes a positive audience response, not by telling jokes but through the tasks he chooses.

In case the video doesn't play - watch it here:

Can you be this good when you are a master or mistress of ceremonies? 

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