Master of ceremony duties aren't what you think. »

Written by Rachel Green, Director the Emotional Intelligence Institute.

Master of ceremony duties vary and may not be what you think. Typically when people think of master of ceremony duties, especially at a wedding, they consider introducing the bride and groom, introducing the speeches, and announcing the toasts.

The master of ceremony duties extend way beyond this. In fact, the master of ceremony duties involve one very important role - and that is to manage the energy at the event.

Let me explain.

The duties of the MC at a wedding

The duties of the MC at a wedding extend beyond the traditional aspects.

  1. The duties of the MC at a wedding include making sure all the energy stays positive. 
  2. The duties of the MC at a wedding include ensuring that when there are gaps in the programme the Master of ceremony keeps the energy up.
  3. The duties of the MC at a wedding require you to monitor for any drop in energy after someone has spoken so that as the Master of ceremony you bring the enthusiasm back to a high level again.
  4. The duties of the MC at a wedding involve making sure the bride and groom are happy.

The duties of the MC at a wedding are vast and require many emotional intelligence and public speaking skills. That is why we have written an e-book especially for you: A MASTER OF CEREMONIES: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO BEING A BRILLIANT MC.

It is important that you know what to do when you are MC'ing a wedding or other event.

Find out more about the master of ceremony duties.

Whatever type of event you are the master of ceremony for, your master of ceremony duties will always include managing the levels and flow of energy at the event.

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