« The key to being a conference MC & corporate MC »

Written by Rachel Green, Director the Emotional Intelligence Institute.

Being a conference MC or a corporate MC is very important. But what matters most as the conference MC? What is most important as the corporate MC?

I have witnessed a conference MC who kept everyone to time. I have also experienced a conference MC who allowed people and events to run over time.

Which conference MC do you think was best?

Yes of course. The conference MC who kept to time.

So why is it that time after time, when I attend conferences, seminars and events I see a conference MC totally unable to follow the timing. In fact, this does not only apply to a conference MC or a corporate MC, it applies to any event MC.

Timing tips for the event MC

An event MC must keep to time. Have you ever thought about this and how to do it?

  • If you are a conference MC, for example, you must make sure speakers start on time.
  • If you are a conference MC, you also need to ensure speakers finish on time.
  • As the conference MC, you need to keep to time yourself.
  • If you are a conference MC, you need to help make up time if the event is running over.
  • As a conference MC, you should also be able to fill-in time when the event is dragging and acts or speakers are faster than the planned timetable.

In fact, all these timing factors also apply if you are a corporate MC involved in an awards night, a product launch or a seminar series. They apply to any event MC, whether you are the MC at a wedding, cabaret or birthday. Timing is crucial for every event and every MC.

How to keep to time as an event MC.

Keeping to time as the event MC requires many emotional intelligence, public speaking, organisational and assertiveness skills. That is why we have written an e-book especially for you: A MASTER OF CEREMONIES: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO BEING A BRILLIANT MC.

It is important that you know how to keep to time when you are an event MC, whether a corporate MC, a conference MC or the MC of another event. You'll gain some top tips on how to keep to time in this book.

Are you up to the task? Do you know what to do as the event MC? If not, we recommend you read this MC book. Click here for more details on: "A master of ceremonies; A beginner's guide to being a brilliant MC."

We also have another ebook that will help you with the timing of the occasion that you are the event MC for: Conference and seminar programmes: Seven mistakes that people make and how to avoid them. 

The book is particularly useful for a conference MC or a corporate MC and includes a sample running sheet for a conference I was the MC for.

Where to get more expert advice on being an event MC

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Keep to time as the conference MC and corporate MC. Your audience will love you for it.