Emotionally intelligent communication (M1)

An advanced new master-class.

Emotions dramatically influence communication. Someone who is incensed will not communicate in the same way as someone who is feeling calm. Someone who feels bored, apathetic or disappointed when talking to someone else, will communicate in a different way from people who are inspired, enthusiastic or contented.

Yes! People's emotions can dramatically influence their communication skills. People can know what to say but not say it when angry, anxious or frustrated, for example. Knowing what to say and how to say it is only half of the story; the emotions involved are the other half.

Only someone with high levels of emotional intelligence who has mastered these emotions would be able to stay clear and credible in their communication irrespective of how they feel.

Learn how to produce emotionally intelligent communication with your stakeholders, employees, colleagues, clients and customers - no matter what the emotional reaction you have to them - so you get the best results and maintain productive relationships, reduce conflict and have greater influence.

NB: The communication material and scenarios used - will be yours - for maximum relevance.

Presented by Rachel Green


Rachel Green. Your smart emotions coach. Helping people turn difficult emotions and interactions into wise words and positive outcomes. 

Rachel has been helping people make sense of, manage and even laugh about their emotions for many years. She helps people stop anxiety, frustration and anger undermining their work and communication, and leads them to greater calm, clarity and resilience ... one breath and thought at a time. 

She is the Director of the Emotional Intelligence Institute, an emotional intelligence and engagement specialist, and one of Australia's most dynamic, down-to-earth and popular expert speakers. 

She is passionate about helping leadership teams develop their emotional intelligence so that they can role-model emotionally intelligent behaviour and communication and foster a more engaged and productive workforce, even during difficult and changing times.

She is practical, relevant and engaging and promises not to be boring, whilst delivering cutting-edge content.

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