Emotionally intelligent leadership (M5)

Emotions drive people's behavior. As leaders people are your business, and thus, emotions are your business too. 

Being an emotionally intelligent leader is critical in today's workplace. The research clearly shows that those leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence are more effective, bring more money into a business, have fewer conflicts and have more motivated and engaged employees. Engagement is directly linked to productivity.

How do you become an emotionally intelligent leader? This dynamic, tailor-made and highly interactive master-class with established emotional intelligence expert, Rachel Green, will show you how.

It will be individually designed to your needs - this is not an off-the-shelf pre-prepared master-class. Instead, you may choose from the following topics. And even after the session has been prepared, Rachel will always adjust the plan as she goes to meet the needs of the audience responses.

 Emotionally intelligent leadership - content options:

  1. The case for emotionally intelligent leadership.
  2. How to role-model emotionally intelligent behaviours in your workplace and inspire others to do the same.
  3. How to manage your discomfort or anxiety about giving performance feedback.
  4. Developing the standards for emotional expression and management within your team.
  5. The importance of positivity resonance for leaders to ensure workplace flourishing.
  6. Positivity resonance in leaders - do you meet the standard?
  7. How to manage the emotions of others without the fear of opening a can of worms.
  8. How to foster the best emotional dialogues to facilitate a smooth change process.
  9. How to talk openly, authentically and comfortably about your real emotions so they have a positive impact at work even during difficult times. 
  10. How to develop your emotional intelligence to an even higher level.

Presented by Rachel Green


Rachel Green. Your smart emotions coach. Helping people turn difficult emotions and interactions into positive outcomes. 

Rachel has been helping people make sense of, manage and even laugh about their emotions for many years. She helps people stop anxiety, frustration and anger undermining their work and leads them to greater calm, clarity and resilience ... one breath and thought at a time.

She is the Director of the Emotional Intelligence Institute, an emotional intelligence and engagement specialist, and one of Australia's most dynamic, down-to-earth and popular expert speakers.

She is passionate about helping leadership teams develop their emotional intelligence so that they can role model emotionally intelligent behaviour and foster a more engaged and productive workforce, even during difficult and changing times.

She is practical, relevant and engaging and promises not to be boring, whilst delivering cutting-edge content.

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