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Emotional Intelligence for L&D experts (M10)

Learning and development professionals, facilitators, trainers, workshop leaders and lecturers all need to know how to apply emotional intelligence in a very practical way in their trainings, workshops and courses.

Emotions are often overlooked in learning and development programs because of the high focus on content. But what benefit does content have if your audience feels bored, indifferent or resentful towards it? It doesn't matter how much content you cram in if no one is paying attention or listening. Engaging an audience is about emotions; feeling engaged is an emotion – so everything you do when you train people is about emotions.

  • Emotions facilitate listening, absorption, learning and action. Are you taking enough account of your participants' emotions? Which emotions do you foster? Do you take deliberate action to facilitate the important ones? If not, your trainings could fail to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Of course, as the L&D professional you also have to be able to recognise, express and manage your own emotions as no one wants to listen to an anxious, stressed or weary presenter. Your emotions influence the group's emotions.
  • Emotions drive behaviour and behaviour determines the success or failure of a training program. Behaviour changes when emotions push people to do so. People don't act solely on information but on how they feel about the information. 
  • Does this matter? Yes! If participants don't have the right emotions in your trainings they may discount vital safety instructions, fail to use a new system correctly, ignore new legislative requirements ... in other words, they fail to use the information you've provided.
  • Why waste money on trainings that don't work? Instead, ensure you and all your L&D professionals understand the emotions of the audience and how best to manage them to achieve the course outcomes. Simple really - yet so often ignored that money and time are wasted, morale lowered and cynicism built.
  • Learn how to apply emotional intelligence in presenting your programs now.

This dynamic presentation will help you to:

  1. Understand what emotional intelligence really is.
  2. Debunk the myths and nonsense around emotional intelligence.
  3. Understand why the ability to recognise, express, reason with, and manage your own and others’ emotions is valuable in the work of every learning and development professional.
  4. Be more able to manage, calm, transform and generate your own emotions when you are managing a group or running a training program so you are at your emotional best, even when you have repeatedly run the same program.
  5. Know how to inspire and enthuse participants to engage with your content, even when it is dry and technical, and to apply what they have learnt outside the training room.
  6. Discover practical ways to engage and manage the emotions of your audience so they don't leave feeling disinterested, irritated or overwhelmed, or reject the content.
  7. Develop and apply practical emotional intelligence strategies to your own specific training programs.

This is an interactive, energetic and innovative session that will include the opportunity to practise new skills immediately. Conduct this program in your organisation now.

NB: The communication material and scenarios used - will be yours - for maximum relevance.

Your presenter, Rachel Green, is one of Australia's most dynamic and inspiring keynote speakers, a leader in emotional intelligence and an expert in engaging people.

  • She is the Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute and has published, studied and presented internationally; and been awarded the highest level of international accreditation in the Professional Speaking Profession, (CSP).
  • She has over 25 years experience in running in-demand workshops and courses. She has qualifications in adult education and learning, (Grad.  Dip. Ed., Higher & Further), psychology, speech pathology and the Feldenkrais Method.
  • In 2011 & 2012 she was nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year and in 2015 she has been personally invited to nominate for the 2015 WA Today Entrepreneur & Innovator Awards.
  • She is the author of 20 CDs, 8 books and 3 DVDs including “How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions”. Her latest book is on: "Job Interviews: How to sell yourself and help the panel pick you", and her most popular book “How to be a brilliant master of ceremonies” has sold in over 75 countries worldwide.
  • She has presented successful workshops, courses and keynote presentations for many leading organisations. These include Baker Hughes, Horizon Power, Verve Energy, Alcoa, Landcorp, Realmark Real Estate, Coca Cola Amatil, Woodside, BHP Billiton, St John's Ambulance, Fremantle Hospital, the Shire of Mundaring, Public Sector Commission, Department of Housing, McGrath Real Estate, University of Western Australia, the ABC, and more.
  • You will see her consistently role model emotionally intelligent training. She promises not to be boring!

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