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Open Emotional Intelligence tele-classes

Our expert, live, online emotional intelligence (EQ) seminars, also called webinars or live tele-classes, are now accessible wherever you are in Australia and wherever you are in the world. Gain immediate, direct access to our experts in emotional intelligence without having to travel anywhere, and at an affordable price.

  • Quite simply, a live tele-class is a seminar held on your computer.
  • There is a presenter and a group of participants. However, instead of sitting in a seminar room you join in via your computer, tablet or phone from anywhere in the world. (It is generally easiest at a computer.)
  • You see and hear the presenter speaking, just as you do in a live seminar.
  • You see the presenter's PowerPoint slides just as you do in a face-to-face seminar. 
  • You are able to write questions to the presenter. Occasionally, but only if you choose to, you may also ask questions via your microphone (others will hear you) or through your webcam (others will see you).
  • They usually last an hour.
  • You are sent a copy of the PowerPoints afterwards.
  • A variety of topics are covered, including many different aspects of emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, networking, job interviews and presentation skills.
  • Webinars elsewhere can be boring - ours aren't.

Custom Emotional Intelligence tele-classes

Rachel Green, Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute is our key presenter, and she makes each live EQ tele-class interesting, informative and dynamic. They are packed with relevant content too! She may also interview other experts in emotional intelligence.

  • Would you like a live tele-class for your people? Request one of our tele-classes from our full list and have it conducted privately for your team. Please contact us to request one.
  • You are also welcome to request that a tailor-made tele-class be designed for your people, and have it conducted privately at a time that suits them and on a topic of your choice. Please contact us.
  • There are more details of customised tele-classes in our FAQ section.

About Emotional Intelligence tele-classes

We will have 3 levels of emotional intelligence Tele-Classes

  • The FOUNDATION series: These are open to anyone, anywhere. They will introduce you to some of the essential aspects of emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, job interviews, networking and presentation skills.
  • The SPECIALIST series: These are geared specifically to the applications of emotional intelligence for different professions and industries. For instance, we presently conduct specific EQ tele-classes for HR professionals, real estate professionals and professionals in local government. 
  • The LEADERSHIP series: These are geared specifically to the applications of emotional intelligence for people such as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, board members and others in senior leadership positions.

Featured Video

See Rachel and Steve interacting together, so you know who will be presenting your tele-classes.

Your expert presenters on emotional intelligence

Rachel Green, award-winning Emotional Intelligence and Engagement Specialist and Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute, has a unique blend of qualifications in psychology, adult education, the Feldenkrais method and speech pathology. She is the author of two CD sets on Emotional Intelligence and a 2 DVD set, "How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions".

  • She speaks from long-term personal experience of understanding and managing her own emotions and the emotions of others, and couples this with up-to-date research. She's worked in health care, academia, the media, the not-for-profit sector, and in business, and has been a voluntary counsellor on a 24 hour crisis line.
  • She has presented on emotional intelligence for many eminent organisations, including Landcorp, Shire of Mundaring, Baker Hughes, St John's Ambulance, UWA, Governance Institute, McGrath Real Estate, Synergy, Horizon Power, St Ives Group, Australian Boarding Schools Association, and more. 

Steve Wells: psychologist, peak performance specialist and co-author of "Enjoy Emotional Freedom" is an expert on using Simple Energy Techniques and Provocative Therapy for emotional self-management.

Other special guest presenters: Other experts in emotions and emotional intelligence will be invited as guests from time to time.


Value for money

I have been to one of Rachel's tele-classes. I recommend this as a value-for-money coaching session!

Lisa Skrypichayko, Customer Service/Administration Professional, Shire of Kalamunda. 2016
Feedback helped learning

Thank you Rachel for your "How not to feel intimidated" tele-class today. Your passion and most importantly the feedback that you gave us to all our questions really helped my learning.

Sue White, Learning and Development Advisor, Perth Western Australia. 2016
I really enjoyed the format and Rachel's warmth

I just wanted to say thank you for today's emotional resilience tele-class. I really enjoyed the format and Rachel's warmth and that I will benefit from the information shared - all excellent!

Sheila Mackridge, Counsellor, Olney, England. 2016.
I would recommend Rachel's live tele-classes to anyone

Wow, what a great session on emotional resilience! It was great to be able to do this live tele-class, in my own space and with no travel and accommodation expenses, but still being able to interact with other participants. Rachel's presentation was short, sharp and to the point; and I was able to take away so much from it, even though we only had an hour. I would recommend Rachel's live tele-classes to anyone wanting to acquire new skills, brush-up on old ones or discover something about themselves.

Cherie Wallace, Coordinator Statutory Planning, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia.
It saved my sanity, literally!

Since I did the emotional resilience tele-class last week, my stress levels have reduced 100%, it saved my sanity, literally! Thank you Rachel! The Emotional Resilience tele-class was truly a real turning point for me which has positively affected my husband too. I felt I had a fair amount of insight however the tele-class was like a breath of fresh insight to me. Thank you heaps!

Jenny Van Der Merwe, Merredin, Western Australia.
I find the tele-class technology so easy

Thank you Rachel! Your tele-class was a wonderful experience. Living in the country makes it difficult to gain access to valuable information and I find the webinar technology so easy. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. 

Donna Rayner, Project Officer, Mingenew-Irwin Group, Western Australia.
Enormously beneficial

Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the live tele-class on emotional intelligence last week. It was at a time which really suited me in that I could finish work, log onto the tele-class, complete the sesson and still be home in time for dinner! Once the class started I found it really easy to follow and I could ask questions via the chat box. The information you gave us is enormously beneficial. 

Kerry Morrison, Training and Workforce Development Consultant, CommunityWest. WA.
Very useful

The webinar/tele-class on "How to have interesting conversations" was very useful, it will help me heaps for my Christmas party next week, thanks very much.

Jane Bletcher. New South Wales, Australia.

After the webinar/tele-class I can now see that conversations are about relationships and not time filling! It was excellent. I got lots of topic ideas. Thanks very much.

Robin Harroday, Queensland.
Lots of relevant information

The emotional resilience tele-class was thoroughly engaging, interactive and fun. Rachel provides lots of relevant information about the three things you can do towards emotional resilience. I am looking forward participating in another one of Rachel's teleclasses in the future.

Anita Newman, Banjup, Western Australia.
Many useful strategies and insights

I enjoyed the networking tele-class yesterday; many useful strategies and insights. I plan to put your advice into practice soon! I will definitely look out for other opportunities to learn more with you in the future.

Debbie Falck, Perth, Western Australia.


  • If you'd like to book a tailor-made tele-class e-mail us now and let us know what you want.
  • If you'd prefer, pick up the phone and give us a call right now on: 08 9390 1188 (Australia) or +61 8 9390 1188 (outside Australia).
  • Book for an existing live tele-class in the right hand column under "Upcoming tele-classes"
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