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How would you rate your emotional intelligence, and how does it compare to your peers? These quizzes may provide an insight, and bring to the fore the benefits of developing your EI.

1 Emotional Resilience: How good are you at calming your "negative" emotions? Go
2 Emotional Resilience: How well do you keep your cool when things go wrong at work? Go
3 Presentation Anxiety: How well do you handle presentation anxiety? Go
4 Job Interviews: How good are you at job interviews? Go

These Emotional Intelligence quizzes take 5-10 minutes to complete. The answers are not logged or retained by us and there is no need to provide contact details to view the results. You may choose to retain or share your results, but there is no obligation to do so.

The quizzes provide a general assessment and rough indication of your levels of emotional fitness. The tests are not scientifically verified.


Judgment Index JI: Decision making capability - for individuals

What it is

Leadership requires good judgment. The Judgment Index (JI) measures your ability to make sound judgments and decisions over 25+ different aspects. It covers decisions involving work tasks and details, long-term strategic outlooks and goals, and the factors you include and exclude when making people-based judgments.

It uncovers the impact that your decision-making style has on: the people you work with, your ability to tolerate and understand others, your leadership style, safety issues at work, your energy and stress levels, and much more.

It also evaluates the decisions you make outside of work, and how these impact on your work performance, resilience, personal relationships, health and stress levels.

The Judgment Index provides real and quantifiable insight into a person’s judgment and decision-making capacities. It is a scientific, mathematical, and well-researched assessment tool that will advance your decision-making.

The assessment is ability based, and not a self-report measure nor a 360. It involves you in making a number of decisions. This is followed by a very comprehensive and detailed analysis which forms your Judgment Index profile. 

Who is it for?

  • People whose success is influenced each day by the countless number of decisions they have to make; from small everyday tactical decisions to the large global strategic decisions. Good judgment is the key factor in the success or failure of these decisions.
  • Leaders, executives, senior managers, small business owners, Board members, Company Directors, senior public servants, politicians, supervisors ... people making decisions at all levels. 
  • People who need to know what impact their decisions have on themselves, their organisation and their work. 
  • It is also used as a tool for recruitment.

How you will benefit?

  • You may have a lot of knowledge, a high IQ, a high emotional intelligence or a decisive personality. However, what do you actually do in the moment that a decision has to be made? Do you know if you are making the best decisions? You will find out with the Judgment Index.
  • It identifies your decision-making areas of strength and weakness and your overall decision-making capability.
  • Specific feedback will be given to you in a comprehensive report which runs for 40+ pages. 
  • The results are explained to you by an accredited JI consultant, which in this case is myself, Rachel Green, to make sure you get the most out of the results.
  • The focus of the results will vary for each person according to their skills, and areas of need. However, here are just some of the questions that you might find answers to: Are your decisions balanced and reliable? Do people trust your decisions? How empathic are your decisions? How do your levels of self-esteem & motivation impact on your decision-making? What are your skills in being able to prioritise, and organise? How self-critical are you and how does this impact on your decision-making? How realistic are your decisions and what do you need to improve to make better decisions?

What it comprises:

  • It is not a self-report measure, nor 360 feedback. It involves making a number of real decisions, some of which may be challenging or difficult.
  • It takes only 15-25 minutes on average to complete, and is done online on your own computer. 
  • There are two stages in the process: The Judgment Index Administration and a two hour coaching and interpretation session on the Judgment Index results.
  • There are a number of different reports that may be obtained, however I recommend that you start with a JI personal narrative. This is by far the most comprehensive report and is essential.
  • Other reports are available, such as ones related to leadership, customer service, pre-hire assessment suitability, sales professionals, risk management and safety, stress and wellness guide, and more. If any of these are required, they can still be arranged following the personal narrative. Please note, there is an additional charge for any of these specific reports, and the fees vary according to the reports required.

What it costs:

  • There are two costs, the administration fee for completing the Judgment Index and the cost of a two hour coaching session to receive and go over the results. 
  • The cost of an individual Judgment Index (JI) administration (completed online prior to the session) is $360+GST = $396 (AUD) per person.
  • This includes your personal narrative (44 page) full report and two full paged colour graphs of your results which are only given to you in your coaching session.
  • The cost of a 2 hour 1-1 Judgment Index coaching session on our premises in Kelmscott, Western Australia is AUD $600 + GST = $660, +JI = $1056.
  • A 2 hour Skype Judgment Index coaching session is AUD $500 + GST = $550 = $946.
  • You are required to pay for both the Judgment Index assessment and the coaching session prior to the commencement of the JI assessment. 
  • Fees for teams, other groups and recruitment purposes are available on request. Any additional reports, other than the comprehensive personal narrative report, are extra and available on request.
  • If you require Rachel to travel to you in Perth/Fremantle there is an additional $200 + GST = $220.
  • NB: Discount available: If you book a coaching package the fees are lower.

Book your Judgment Index assessment AND coaching session now 

Coaching Option:

Once we receive payment for your assessment and coaching session, we will quickly contact you to make arrangements to begin your assessment and to make a mutually agreeable date for your coaching session.

Additional Information

  • Rachel Green is an accredited Judgment Index consultant and will be your coach and JI profile analyst. She was trained in the Judgment Index in 2014 and since then has attended regular updates and training webinars and sessions with the Judgment Index head office in the USA. 
  • She is the Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute, an award-winning emotional intelligence and engagement specialist, and the author of eight books, 3 DVDs and 20 CDs.
  • She has tertiary level qualifications in psychology, speech pathology, adult education and the Feldenkrais Method and graduated with distinction in both her speech pathology and psychology.
  • She has a demonstrated ability to improve people's emotional intelligence and decision-making capabilty and has for over 15 years taught a decision-making model that has significantly improved people's decision-making.
  • She is practical, down-to-earth and relevant and will coach you in the practical decision-making skills you need to better manage yourself and others. She is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Cancellation policy

  • Once you have booked your Judgment Index and we have started the administration there are no refunds.
  • Please do not cancel or change appointments once made, if at all possible. 
  • Sessions cancelled within 7 working days of the appointment still incur the full session fee. 
  • Refunds will not be issued for no-shows and a second session will not be made available.
If you have any questions about the Judgment Index or booking your own, please call us or email us now.