Public Speaking and being a Master of Ceremonies

Overcome your fear of public speaking

Public speaking fears are rampant. 

Do you have public speaking fears which leave you feeling anxious, in panic, or dreading public speaking? Managing your emotions under pressure is important in public speaking and many find it difficult. You are not alone. The Emotional Intelligence Institute can help.

We have courses on public speaking, coaching on public speaking, and even a unique and practical ebook especially devoted to overcome your fear of public speaking. We have even called it exactly that, "Overcome the fear of public speaking - forever". If you want to conquer your public speaking fears, click here for more details.

Being a brilliant master of ceremonies

We also specialise in helping you gain public speaking skills when being a master of ceremonies.

A master of ceremony is a very important person. A master of ceremony can make or break an event, whether as a wedding MC or MC'ing a conference, product launch or cabaret.

Unfortunately, many people are invited to be a master of ceremony at short notice. Others are asked to be a master of ceremony despite having no prior experience at being an MC. How many wedding MCs have never done it before? Given the number of people who ask us for advice in being a wedding MC - lots!

That's why we have written an ebook that you can obtain quickly, especially on the topic of how to be a superb master of ceremonies.

"A master of ceremonies: How to be a brilliant MC" has now helped thousands of people around the world. And, this master of ceremonies ebook has already been bought in over 70 countries worldwide.

Are you going to be a master of ceremony at a wedding?

The MC book has a whole chapter purely devoted to being a wedding MC.

It also applies to all other events which require a master of ceremony.

If you want to learn how to be a top master of ceremony, click here to check out our master of ceremonies book. It will help you gain audience engagement as a master of ceremony, help you be confident in public speaking, and ensure you know what are your key master of ceremony duties. Be an MC others want to see!

Imagine engaging your audience as the master of ceremonies and having your audience eating out of your hand. Wow! Your wedding guests or conference participants will love you for it. Learn how to be a brilliant master or mistress of ceremonies and glow with pride!

We also have courses on public speaking especially geared to assist you in being a master of ceremony. If there are a group of you, all being MCs for the same conference or event, then you are welcome to join us for our master of ceremonies masterclass. Click here for more details and ensure you are all excellent at being a master of ceremony.

The advantage of engaging your audience when public speaking

Boring public speakers are common. Making sure you have audience engagement is a vital part of public speaking. Make your presentation interesting.

  • Engaging your audience is for the sake of your audience. They will enjoy the presentation more.
  • When you are engaging your audience they are more likely to act on what you say. This is good for you.
  • Also, when you master the skills of audience engagement you are more likely to stop your public speaking fears and enjoy public speaking. 

Audience engagement is of benefit all round.

How to engage your audience?

How can you engage your audience when giving a presentation or speech? There are many ways; stopping your public speaking fears is only one of them.

We can show you many different techniques to make your presentation interesting and engage your audience.

We also make sure that you learn from some of Australia's top speakers. Our Director, Rachel Green, has the highest level of international accreditation in the professional speaking profession (CSP), and is an expert in audience engagement. She brings them alive!

You can learn how to present in powerful ways to guarantee that you engage your audience and have them fascinated by your content.

You can have personal public speaking training on how to make your presentations interesting, and public speaking coaching with Rachel on how to ensure you have audience engagement when you speak.

Have the audience on the edge of their seats wanting more! It's a great cure for public speaking fears.

There is also a unique set of MP3 recordings "Confidence in public speaking" where you can gain extra public speaking tips and tricks. These will also give you great insights into how to stop feeling anxious when facing an audience. Click here to find out more about "Confidence in public speaking".

The Emotional Intelligence Institute is here to help you put your public speaking fears to bed and bring your public speaking to life.

Engaging your audience has never been easier. Be an engaging speaker and master of ceremonies now and be excited by public speaking.