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Julie Gameau

Past Chief Executive Officer, National Penguin Club, Adelaide. October 2016.

Dear Rachel,

Words seem inadequate but thank you so much for your inspirational presentation last Saturday morning. Your enthusiasm and energy filled the room.

Your presentation was a great opening to the convention and the delegates were talking about what they learnt during the next three days. We all learnt so much about our impact on the audience.

You inspired us, educated us, challenged us and gave us the tools to improve our speeches and impact on the audience.

On behalf of The National Executive of the Penguin Club I thank you for making the 23rd Triennial Convention one of the most successful.

Tracey Gillett

Executive Director, Department of Regional Development, Western Australia. (August 2016)

Rachel did an awesome job of managing the various levels, dynamics and variance of opinions in the room!! Not an easy task, but she is clearly very skilled and engaging.

Leanne Parola

Manager Finance & Corporate Services, Shire of Moora, Western Australia. 

I really enjoyed your presentation at the LGMA Finance Professionals Conference on Friday and recommended you to a friend who struggles giving presentations.

Roz Howard

Assistant Director, Research and Learning Support (Arts, Business and Law), University of Western Australia.

It was wonderful and fun to work with you. You'll be pleased to know that this week is orientation week and the staff have been practicing what you taught and integrated some of the engament styles into their presentation and engaging students and we've had positive feedback! How amazing is that! Many thanks.

Jonathan Throssell

CEO, Local Government in Perth, WA. 

I first met Rachel when she provided my leadership team with a presentation skills workshop. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy American TV advert - the workshop dramatically changed how I present to others because the emphasis was on the emotional connection with the audience. Emotional Intelligence is a fascinating topic for me. It's not a topic I profess to completely understand from the research/technical sense but it's certainly a subject that makes sense to me because I work with and for people, not machines!

Tessa Barkman

Manager - Quality, Training and Support, Project Management Office, Department of Housing, Perth. 

Rachel is amazing! We had so much fun, and learnt so much on Friday. We spent the best part of the afternoon in fits of laughter!

Charles Hanich

School of Psychology, University of Western Australia.

I remember the presentation skills course very well. I still keep the notes, I have actually passed them onto my daughter recently. I used the knowledge from your course to prepare my honours thesis presentation in 2009. A senior professor commended me afterwards, saying it was the best presentation he had seen during that course (there were about 80-90 presenters).  I have seen many presentations since, and many times I cringe and think to myself: You would benefit so much from Rachel's course! 

Gary Sturgeon

Learning and Development Officer, Workforce Planning and Development, Department of Commerce, Western Australia.

Rachel conducted a presentation skills master-class for our senior people (Level 5 and above) in May 2012, organised by Barbara White, our Learning and Development Co-ordinator. She is currently on secondment but please find below some of the positive comments she received in the feedback from this presentation.
  • Rachel is an excellent facilitator and made the day enjoyable.
  • This session was a real eye opener that almost every presentation I have attended was defective and failed to engage me as an audience member. Worse than this realisation is that every presentation I have delivered has failed to engage the audience.
  • I got a lot from attending this workshop, I was a little reluctant but Rachel had me questioning myself and my assumptions within the first 1/2hr. I will be able to take the information learned and apply it for much more than presentations. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.

Sharon Smart

Project Officer, Graduate Research School, Edith Cowan University.

You were very engaging, humourous and effective at speaking. I have never experienced such a lively session on presenting! Brilliant! You presented wonderful techniques on how to communicate research and engage an audience and did what you said, you engaged our audience throughout. We should organise more such sessions with you.

Chrish Kresge

Feldenkrais Practitioner, Washington District of Columbia, USA. 

I have followed your wonderful newsletters for many years. When I was a new practitioner living in Morocco and doing public speaking seminars I would use your stuff all the time; then in Nepal, same story. Now, many years and lives later, I am in Washington, D.C., and I just wanted to thank you for your always inspirational and no nonsense approach. This was a great one (how to engage your audience) and the advice you give is priceless! THANK-YOU!

Shamara Williams

Lecturer, South West Institute of Technology. 

I really enjoyed your session in Bunbury today on presentation skills. I have learnt today that it's all about the AUDIENCE!

Michelle Coles

Senior Library Officer - IRAM, The University of Western Australia. 

I attended your workshop, "How to make your presentations interesting". I was so energised and motivated when I came out of your workshop. It made me feel confident and excited to make my first presentation.

Thank you for that!

I can't wait to present and be different, and not do the same old boring thing I have seen at past conferences.

Asst/Professor Jolanta (Yola) Szymakowski

Research Associate Professor at University of Western Australia. 

Dear Rachel, I attended your workshop on "How to make your presentations interesting". You were a life saver, and I thought I would pass on to you the feedback I received from the speech I consequently gave: "I wanted to thank you for being a very interesting and engaging speaker at our session. I very much enjoyed your talk and thought that it had real resonance for our situation". Mission accomplished, with your help! Thank you. Sincerely.

Charles Hanich

Research Assistant, School of Psychology, University of Western Australia.

I was at your "How to make Your Presentations Interesting" seminar this morning, and I must say that your presentation was a good advertisement in itself - it was interesting indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and this was probably the best presentation I have seen to date in terms of learned value/time spent. (And probably the only one where I didn't dose off, not even momentarily!) (If I had a dollar for every lecture I fell asleep in, I'd be very wealthy, retired on my own Pacific island... pina coladas.) Thank you very much. I'll highly recommend your seminar to anyone who is serious about their presentations.

Jill Howieson

Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Western Australia. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations workshop on Tuesday and got more out of the 3.5 hours about presenting speeches, lectures, conferences, etc. than I'd hoped. I thought it was excellent and have already used what I learnt in my lectures. It also made me feel very good about UWA, having such a worthwhile workshop.