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1. Summary of emotional intelligence

Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute.

Why did the concept of Emotional Intelligence arise?

Why did anyone challenge the idea that IQ was the major predictor of success?

  • Because it became obvious that some people with high IQs and very high levels of education did not automatically fare well in managing their lives, relating to other people or even in holding down a job.
  • It was also apparent that other people who did not measure highly on traditional measures of intelligence did extremely well in managing their lives and being successful.
  • The question was therefore asked, "What else is there other than IQ that can help to predict a person's success?" Emotional intelligence (or EQ) was found to be an important answer.

What is the relationship between emotions & emotional intelligence? 

Emotional intelligence and EQ is all about emotions. And about being smart with all emotions.

In fact, emotions are the core component of emotional intelligence.

Understanding the role that emotions play in our lives and work, both negative and positive, is therefore fundamental to our understanding of emotional intelligence and why it is important at work.

Recognising emotions, expressing emotions, understanding emotions, reasoning with emotions and managing emotions are some of the fundamental components of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is all about emotions.

Definition of emotional intelligence at work

The Genos emotional intelligence model defines emotional intelligence as follows:

"Emotional intelligence is the skill with which you perceive, express, reason with and manage your own and others' emotions."


To find out more about emotional intelligence and the components of emotional intelligence watch our video:

Beware of bad emotional intelligence

Emotions are the core component of emotional intelligence. Knowing this is important. Why? For many reasons. One of them relates to material that has been published supposedly on "emotional intelligence" and "emotional quotient". Some of it doesn't even mention emotions. 

If you want to determine how valid an article or resource on "emotional intelligence" and "emotional quotient" is, check to see if its content actually does focus on emotions and feelings. 

Develop your organisation's emotional intelligence, now

There is so much that you and your top team can do to develop your emotional intelligence and learn about the skills involved. If you would like to enhance your emotional intelligence skills and emotionally driven behaviours in the workplace, we have a number of options to help you:
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