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Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute, accredited MSCEIT consultant.

People try to reduce emotional intelligence into a small single item.

However, there is no black and white answer to the question, "What is emotional intelligence?" or "What is EQ?" because it is not a "thing", it is an intelligence. EI and EQ occur to varying degrees and in different ways.

For example, people may have high, medium or low levels of emotional intelligence across the full seven dimensions of emotional intelligence. Thus they will have different levels of skill on the third dimension: "Emotional awareness of others".

When you can accurately identify how someone is feeling there are many advantages. I will list a few of them here and encourage you to add your own.

5 advantages of high level emotional awareness of others

  1. You will have more chance to respond appropriately to others, when you know how they feel.
  2. You will be better able to read the play in a meeting, negotiation or discussion and thus to have the option to respond in a meaningful and influential way.
  3. You may be able to engage, respond, motivate and connect with other people.
  4. You have more chance of choosing the best way to communicate when you are talking to employees, colleagues or stakeholders.
  5. Your relationships can develop to a deeper level and trust can grow when people feel understood by you.

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5 extra advantages of high level emotional awareness of others

  1. You are more likely to be able to show empathy and be regarded as empathic, once you have understood how someone is feeling.
  2. You will have fewer surprises. When you know how someone is feeling their reactions will come as less of a surprise.
  3. It will be easier to motivate people as you will have high emotional intelligence and a greater understanding of the emotional drivers of their behaviour.
  4. You will have a better chance of getting the timing right in your communications. You will know when is the best time to approach someone and when it is best to wait. This could make a large difference to the amount of influence you have and in your ability to persuade others.  
  5. You will be able to incorporate accurate information into your decision-making, an essential requirement for a high level of emotional intelligence in dimension four.

How accurately can you read the emotions of others? How high is your emotional intelligence? Do you always know what is going on?

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