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« 26. Low emotional intelligence: Stress and misery »

Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute, accredited MSCEIT consultant.

By understanding what happens when people have low emotional intelligence, it can be easier to understand what emotional intelligence and EQ are.

There is no clear cut answer to the question, "What is emotional intelligence?" or "What is EQ?" because it occurs to varying degrees and in different ways.

Here we will look at dimension five: emotional self-management at work.

There are many difficulties that may arise if you have low levels of skill in emotional management at work. I will list a few of them here and hope you'll add your own to the list.

3 ways poor emotional self-management impact on your work.

  1. You may get caught up in the negative things that happen in your day at work and not be able to see the good things. Thus you may be negative, critical and miserable at work. No one likes working for miserable leaders, employers or managers and this may lead to an increase in staff turnover, a demoralised workforce or a reduction in your client base.
  2. Your levels of stress may be significant. You may find it hard to rise above the pressures of your role or job and become tense, hassled or exasperated. This can lead to health problems so you are more likely to need to take time away from work. You are also less likely to be an employer or supplier of choice, as your stress can be passed on to others. This may mean you find it harder to attract or retain good staff or you may put off potential clients or customers.
  3. People may avoid you. These could be stakeholders, colleagues, customers, employees or suppliers. This may make it harder for you to know what is happening, you may be excluded from invitations to meet people, and you may have to work harder to gain the co-operation of people on whom you depend.

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Further resources on the Mayer Salovey emotional intelligence model.

4 other ways low skills in emotional self-management hinder you

  1. You are more likely to be involved in conflict.
  2. People may not like you or you may not like yourself.
  3. You may make a fool of yourself by throwing a tantrum in front of your employees or children, or by being negative to co-workers, clients or family members.
  4. You may get sick.You may be lonely or feel empty inside and seek comfort in drugs, alcohol or over-eating.

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