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« 34. Emotional intelligence case study: Praise manager »

Written by Rachel Green. Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute, accredited MSCEIT consultant.

Managing the emotions of others is the sixth emotional intelligence competency.

This emotional intelligence case study highlights how important it is that managers have excellent skills in this area. 

Unexpected praise from a manager

A case study of high emotional intelligence

An accountant, Julie, working on a long-term and complex project needed to learn new skills that no-one else in the organisation had. For a time she was becoming disheartened and not getting the support she needed because her manager did not sufficiently understand the complexity of the task.

After being left on her own for several weeks she was making slow, steady progress.

Unexpectedly, she got an email from her manager which was very positive about her progress and her approach to the project.

The email was a total surprise as it was atypical of that manager to send anything like that.

The result was a burst of enthusiasm from Julie and a greater willingness to battle on, learn more and put "the slog" in to meet the unrealistic deadline.

The manager was showing his ability to manage the emotions of others which is the sixth dimension of emotional intelligence.

How good are you at managing the emotions of others?

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