Adapting to change: Getting the feelings right
26 September, 2018
Rachel in Change management, Workshops (Tailor-made for up to 40 people)

Every workplace is operating in a climate of change. It is the new normal and the pace of change is ever faster and sometimes brutal. People with change agility and adpatability are the ones who will cope most easily.

What changes are you or your people dealing with? Is it rapid growth, people coming and going, technological advances, fewer resources, increased compliance, amalgamations, system changes, increased demands, legislative changes, redundancies, increased competition, or cost cutting and budget cuts? 

How well are you or your team coping? Are they adapting to the changes easily or getting bogged down in them?

The problem

The emotional reactions your team has to imposed change influence their responses to it. People's emotional reactions to change drive their behaviour and determine how well they adapt to it.

The solution

The solution is to develop change adaptability and that requires emotional adaptability and agility. When people know how to react to their feelings positively and manage them effectively, they are more likely to ride the changes well.

  1. If your team understands the emotions of change and the wide range of normal emotions which can be expected they are less likely to become worried or distracted by how they feel.
  2. If your team know how to move through any negative emotions without becoming stuck in them they are more likely to be able to move with the changes.
  3. If they can increase their tolerance of "not knowing" they may be less anxious and more focused on the job at hand.
  4. If your team know how to stay emotionally healthy during change and foster positive emotions about the changes they are less likely to experience change fatigue and more likely to stay motivated and productive. 

This high energy, practical and interactive workshop will help your team recognize, understand and manage the emotions of change in emotionally intelligent and healthy ways. They'll understand why they feel the way they do, how to feel less anxious, and how to move from the old to the new more easily. It will not be boring and it will be relevant.

Conduct this program now and reduce the impact of negative emotions and negative behaviour. Have a team who have change agility and adaptability. 

The presenter

Rachel Green, B.App. Sci (Psych). Grad Dip Ed (H&F). LCST. FPTG. AFAIM. CSP.

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